The Serb sensation is back.

At Eurovision 2010, Milan Stankovic won the Barbara Dex Award for sporting the most heinous costume in Oslo, drew comparisons to Heather Mills McCartney, and earned a reputation as Serbia’s biggest playboy for those naughty pics of him in a speedo. Now he’s back with a new single called “Perje” (Feathers).

Writing on his official web site, Milan made it clear he wants to get re-acquainted with all his fans following a prolonged absence. “All I haven’t told you in the last year, you’ll hear in this song which is my present to you,” he wrote. It’s nice to know he’s thinking of us. If any of y’all speak Serbo-Croatian can you please let us know what he’s trying to tell us?


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10 years ago

he is the best and i love him loads all his songs mean somethink xx
and he is not a boobless lesbian

11 years ago

Beautiful song