Ell & Nikki receive stamp of approval from postal services

Ell & Nikki can officially say they’ve gone global. That’s because both Germany and Azerbaijan will print 15,000 commemorative stamps of the duo with the slogan ‘Eurovision Song Contest 2011 — Azerbaijan Winner 2011’.

We’re glad to see the postal service honoring Eurovision. But Vebooboo is confused why authorities would design a stamp and only produce 15,000 copies. If you’re gonna cash in you might as well CASH IN and offer some matching envelopes. Regardless, we’ll be looking on eBay and hope to snag a few stamps for our memory books! (Cue awful jokes about licking Nikki, a runner-up in Wiwi’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model).

Ell & Nikki are currently working in Azerbaijan and Sweden on their first studio album.

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9 years ago

This news are wrong. I called the German post today. There will be NO stamp about Ell and Nikki in Germany. It could be that a private postal service will issue one, but there will be NO official German stamp.