Over the past three years Wiwi’s readers have cast nearly 60,000 votes to determine which contestants have the beauty and the poise to succeed as models when Eurovision comes to an end. But Wiwi knows that Eurovision fans can squeeze into sequined tops and sacrifice personal dignity in the name of fashion, too. So this year in Düsseldorf, Wiwi gave his sidekick Vebooboo a camera and sent him searching for the craziest looks at Eurovision 2011. He came back with hundreds of pics from which we selected these 34 finalists. They mix sass with class, and occasionally demonstrate that kitsch can be cool.

Now it’s up to you to tell us which fan deserves a spot in the Eurovision’s Next Top Model Hall of Fame. You can vote for as many contestants as you like, but you can only submit your votes one time. Be sure to click on every contestant you’d like to support before pressing “VOTE.” Polls close July 19. It’s up to you, Europe. Start voting now!

Contestant #1: With Austria back in the contest following a three-year absence, this Viennese fan honored the Alpine nation by channeling Bruno, the flamboyant Austrian fashion journalist. The belt matches the boat shoes matches the bag, and the blond tips match the bright shorts (which seem to be concealing some currywurst).

Contestant #2. Double trouble! Queen’s Day was in April, but these broads just don’t care.  They love Holland, and they love the 3Js. (Don’t ask if the curtains match the drapes.)

Contestant #3: Nothing says “I love Holland!” like an inflatable orange hair-do paired with a crushed velvet suit. Multiple that by two and you’ve got some real zealotry going on! After we were done flirting, we photographed these two Dutch guys and bonded over our love of 2010 contestant Sieneke.

Contestant #4. Vodaphone likely paid these guys minimum wage to tout their calling cards, but the spirit of Eurovision filled them with joy anyway.

Contestant #5. Dana International was not the only diva attending the second Eurovision semi-final. The drag queen on the right is Miss Alternative Ireland, Sheila Fits-Patrick. Wiwi and Vebooboo LOVE her video tribute to 2010 Eurovision contestant Niamh Kavanagh.

Contestant #6. This motley crew of British and Irish fans had us giggling with their various Jed-heads. We sat near them in the audience and can confirm they were a passionate bunch! The pink boa reminds us of reminds us of Denmark’s Drama Queen from 2007.

Contestant #7. These aren’t the most creative t-shirts out there. But we included our friends from Israel for bringing inflatables and wearing adorable antennae. He can pick up secrets with those things, and actually knew that Italy would place second.

Contestant #8: This Australian flew all the way from Sydney—with her kangaroo.  After snapping this pic, we promptly called customs and border control to ensure she got arrested for importing wildlife.

Contestant #9. A rare example of kitchsy elegance, Helena updates the tired Viking look with sequins, a sash, and a cute sidekick.

Contestant #10. Spiderman rolled around with Gumby in a spandex factory and this is the mess that emerged. The guys posing with Spidey seem just as confused as the rest of us. Be sure to check out those calve muscles!

Contestant #11: We’re not sure how how their 80s party look relates to Eurovision, but Australians Celine and Diane carry it off with spunk!  Loving the faux tuxedo top and Celine’s bold headband that declares she is “hot stuff.”  Confidence, after all, is key to a post-Eurovision modeling career.

Contestant #12. This Frenchman belts it out in honor of Amaury Vassili and strives to make opera mainstream. Sadly he looks like he got dressed in a costume shop with the lights turned off. But we give him an A for effort. He’s a big mess, but he’s owning it!

Contestant #13. Vebooboo could not contain himself when he saw these Israeli hunks, all of whom sported Dana International on their chests. If they took off their pants but left their shirts on, we’d have a hot mess on our hands!

Contestant #14. These Icelandic fans look fantastic in their vinyl body flags. It’s perhaps the most haute look we saw all week, making them two of our favorites to walk away with the title!

Contestant #15. Clearly stirred by Eric Saade, this gent wears his emotions on his face—and bears his soul on his chest!

Contestant #16: These five Irish lads dressed to the nines in support of their favorite twins Jedward.  They brought a sixth friend along for the ride, but he was in the bathroom doing who knows what for far too long.  You snooze (or drain your lizard), you lose.

Contestant #17: We bumped into these chaps during the second semi-final. What a shame for them that Anna Rossinelli was competing in the other semi! We love that they’ve segregated the dudes with mustaches in the middle.

Contestant #18:  Cyprus went out in the semis, and this dude went out in style. We hope the bed-sheet-cum-toga gets a second run next year.

Contestant #19. Call her the Queen of Indecision.

Contestant #20. We spotted the ice cream first, and then noticed the grande dame eating it.

Contestant #21. Keeping it simple.

Contestant #22. These Austrian milkmaids wandered into the press center looking for cows.

Contestant #23. They carried the flag for the E.U., so were disappointed to see Azerbaijan walk away with the title.

Contestant #24. Twelve points for coordinating all those outfits! The woman on the right is actually wearing a series of shower loofahs she glued together.

Contestant #25: The weight of the starfish makes it difficult for him to keep his head up.

Contestant #26. Is that a drunk leprechaun?

Contestant #27: It’s show time! These are the same guys from photo #16 above.

Contestant #28: Paradise Oskar couldn’t miss them.

Contestant #29. This Norwegian duo spent three months knitting their tops. They honored Greece by placing the Hellenic flag on their breasts.

Contestant #30. She took tips from contestant #25.

Contestant #31. These German fans showed their support for Lena by dressing up as her alien back-up dancers. With their silver body paint, limp wrists, condom-inspired headpiecesthey lubed us up mentally for Miss Meyer-Landrut’s act.

Contestant #32: Which came first: the sequins or the stiff drinks? Either way, an inspired choice.

Contestant #33: Wiwi and Vebooboo love that these guys bleed red, white and blue in support of Britain’s Blue. (Funny enough, both of them live in America. That might explain the lovely smiles!)

Contestant #34: Three’s a crowd—and how many people it takes to form the German flag. Proving Germany is at the heart of Europe, each of these fans proudly display pins representing all 43 competing nations. Warm. Fuzzy. Fabulous.

Now vote for your favorite! You can vote for as many of the contestants above as you’d like. However, you can only vote one time. Be sure to click on all of the contestants you’d like to support before pressing “VOTE.”

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Azeri Girl
Azeri Girl

where are the azeri fans?!


i love the drunk leprechaun so much!!


#20! i love that this woman is like, 65, and still has the energy to go to eurovision!


32! Nothing can beat a man doing Bobbysocks!