Harel Skaat: Out of the closet, and back with a new single

Harel Skaat, potentially the sexiest Eurovision contestant ever, is back with a new single called “Tihiye li ahava” (“Love Awaits Me” or “I Will Have Love”). The electro-pop sound is a sharp departure from the power ballads we’ve come to expect from Harel—probably symbolic of everything he’s been through in the past year. Skaat, 29, came out of the closet last year in a documentary that aired on Israeli television (following a public outing by a journalist). Confirming what all of us already knew was a harrowing experience, and he’s poured all of the drama into his album. As he says in the debut single: “I will have love, the like of which I have never known. I forgave the pain and now I am at peace with time…the hopeless faith wasted me slowly, as I stood aside…It (love) will come to me, after I had already given up on it.”

Check out the song below and let Wiwi know what you think!