Ireland, Jedward, 1

ESC 2011 is over but Jedward-mania is just getting started.  As part of their ongoing quest for world domination, the Irish duo today announced that they are filming a new TV show for BBC.

The series follows in the footsteps of Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat” and “Bruno” by taking eccentric personalities and dropping them in a foreign country.  “It’s going to be so cool,” the Irish duo explained in a recent BBC Newsbeat interview. “We go to all these places and we take these tourists who don’t even know who we are on tours and make stuff up. It’s going to be crazy.” (Jedward, you may remember, recently admitted that they have no idea where Azerbaijan is.)

The travel show won’t be your only opportunity to catch the boys in front of the camera. They’ve just released the official video for their new single “Bad Behavior,” and, according to several credible sources, will appear on Big Brother this fall. And while Jedward have a busy schedule ahead of them, we have no doubt their perfectly-coiffed hair will withstand all the action. (via Newsbeat)

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William Lee Adams
9 years ago