Eurovision’s Next Top Fans 2011: Sheila Fits-Patrick (right) and Heidi Hotlips

Back in May, Wiwi and his snapper-in-chief Vebooboo took hundreds of pics of the most enthusiastic (and occasionally frightening) Eurovision fans in Dusseldorf. We then narrowed them down to 34 finalists who competed in our inaugural competition to discover Eurovision’s Next Top Fan. One month later we have our winners: Irish drag queen Sheila Fits-Patrick and her German sidekick Heidi Hotlips!

In addition to winning the admiration of Wiwi, Vebooboo and all our readers, the two drag queens have also earned a spot in the Eurovision’s Next Top Model Hall of Fame. We’ll be sacrificing animals and letting off fireworks at a later date in their honor.

Sheila recently took some time to speak with Wiwi about her costume and her plans for Eurovision 2012. Here are the highlights:

We loved your outfit in Dusseldorf! Can you tell us a little about it?

My outfit for the semi-final was themed on the Irish colours: green, white and gold. The dress was purchased in Evans in Limerick, the feather head piece was from Gran Canaria with the green veil made up to match the dress. The shoes were white. It was all topped off with gold jewelery accessories.

Who is your friend in the photo?

My friend is the ever fabulous reigning Alternative Miss Limerick “Heidi Hotlips.” Heidi is German-born and was in Bonn for a week before she came to meet the rest of us in Dusseldorf. Unfortunately I don’t know where Heidi got her outfit but the Irish flag looks very well.

Do you have anything to say to the fans who voted for you in Wiwi’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Fan?

We would like to thank all the fans who voted for us.The atmosphere at the years Eurovision was AMAZING and the amount of pictures we were asked to stand for was unbelievable.

Will you be taking your fashion sense to Eurovision 2012 in Baku?

Baku we are not so sure about. There are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding visas—and also the safety of the LGBT community. I think if this is is not sorted out and clarified then  attendance in Baku will be well down on recent Eurovisions. Having said that I feel that sometimes you have to “force” people to recognize minorities and if thre was enough of us in Baku then it would have to be accepted. Eurovision without the LGBT community would be a disaster and let’s be honest: if it wasn’t for Eurovision I dont think I would ever even think of going to Baku.

Many of our readers will remember you from your hysterical video tribute to Ireland’s 2010 Eurovision contestant Niamh Kavanagh. Do you have any plans to release another tribute, perhaps to Jedward?

Ha ha! The tribute video to Niamh last year was an amazing success and it culminated with Niamh being the headline act for Limerick Pride in 2010. To get invited by Nimah to sing on stage with here was AMAZING. I think another tribute video could well be on the cards. I’ve always liked Malena Ernman and “La Voix” so keep your eyes peeled here!

What kind of reaction did you and Heidi receive in Germany?

The reaction in Germany was fantastic. From our journey on the U-Bahn to the stadium was brilliant with loads of photo ops. But it just went mental when we arrived at the arena. I think we got pics taken with approximately 60 different nationalities. And of course loads with the Irish fans! We had some straight friends with us who were Eurovision virgins and they were absolutely stunned with the reaction we received from everyone.

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sheila fits
sheila fits

Thanks to all who voted for us and to WIWI for the interview xx

Love you guys

Azeri Fan
Azeri Fan

I promise everyone Baku will welcome gay fans with open arms. We love Eurovision fans, no matter their race, sexuality, etc.!! WELCOME TO BAKU!!


Fantastic interview! I liked the mini leprachaun who finished in second place. but Sheila and Heidi are worthy winners! 12 points!