Ell & Nikki: Masters of the Lip-Sync

Since winning Eurovision 2011, Azerbaijan’s Ell & Nikki have already landed on a German stamp and become the faces of an Azeri mobile phone operator. Now they’re touring Europe and showing all of us how to lip-sync in style.

On July 15, the duo “performed” their hit “Running Scared” at the Hity na czasie 2011 Inowroclaw concert festival in Poland. Given that their song is enjoying plenty of airplay on Poland’s Eska TV, that was smart way to pump up their fan base. Notice that they’re still wearing those white outfits from Dusseldorf. Wiwi seriously hopes they’ve been dry cleaned!

The reigning king and queen of Eurovision then headed to Belarus to participate in the Slavianski Bazaar Festival last week. They shared the stage with former Eurovision participants including 2008 winner Dima Bilan and France’s 2009 contestant Patricia Kaas. They dug out their choreography from Dusseldorf, but had their back-up dancers go all “Black Swan” on us for variety.

We still love that song. And we’re happy Ell & Nikki won Eurovision. But compare their pitch and intonation in the digitally re-mastered playbacks above with their live encore performance at Eurovision below, which Wiwi videotaped from inside the arena. Hmmmm.

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12 years ago

paolo;because they ayre number in all world. frauds is yourself ok envious
azerbaycan gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo