Jedward: “Obama was so cool.”

John and Edward Grimes have reportedly told producers of Big Brother that they’re up for anything—so long as it doesn’t involve cutting their foot-high hair.

Speaking to the London Metro, a source close to the TV show said that Jedward’s management added a clause to their contract that states the boys will not participate in any activity or task that involves clipping their iconic hair. “Jedward cannot afford to lose their hair. It’s helped to make them famous,” the source said.

Elsewhere, producers have planned a surprise which host Brian Dowling says will “affect their time in the house.” Will they deny Jedward hairspray and hair glue? Will they sequester the boys and prevent them from talking to one another? Wiwi and Vebooboo need to know. Message us the minute you hear something!


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10 years ago

so glad they are out. SOOOO GLAD