Watch Kristall’s official video of “Europe,” her entry at Junior Eurovision 2011. Lyrics follow the video.

Europe Lyrics:
Each one of us can rock it
Like Madonna,
One of us can shake it
Like Rihanna!
But, hey!
Wake up today this early morning
Coz hey!
What comes around goes around!

We choose our highway
To move through the life!
We all strive to stay and
To move in the fast lane!
We’re all shining brightly
With love and passion,
All doing great things
Coz we are the Nation!

So let us sing sing sing
Together Oh-oh-oh!
And clap it up up up
On the dance-floor!

Oh Oh Oh
Up up up

Each one of us can kick it
Like Ronaldo,
One of us can break through
Like Beyonce!
Would better be the best in
What you’re doing
And be the first, one-shot,
The one and only!