Listen to Lidia Zabolotskaya’s official video for “Angely dobra.” She’ll represent Belarus at Junior Eurovision 2011. English lyrics follow the video.

“Angely dobra” lyrics:

Angels of Goodness

They go lightly
Through the sleeping city,
Raising dawn on wings,
They worm the World from dreams, blowing cold.

Angels of goodness,
Two white wing,
Two white wings over the World.
Their sorrow is light
As sea in eyes
Their tears give us strength.

Wanderers of Milky Way,
Guards of Earth.
And their song is flying over the World,
Clouds know it, but don’t tell us.

Angels of goodness
Two white wings
Two white wings over the World.
Their sorrow is light,
As sea in eyes,
Their tears give us strength.

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Nadine Beiler’s little sis really needs to stay away from the makeup.

But the song is good and well… I didn’t compare her with Nadine for nothing. She can sing.