Eurovision fans in Dusseldorf who are still reminiscing over Eurovision 2011 have a chance to relive the magic on September 29. TV station ProSieben will air the 7th annual Bundesvision Song Contest, to be held in nearby Cologne, on Thursday evening at 20.15.  The contest pits the 16 German Bundeslaender (regions) against each other to determine who has penned the best song of the year.

Originally created in 2005 by sexist (not sexy) Stefan Raab, the contest requires each song to have at least 50% of its lyrics in German. In past years the contest has featured big name celebrities, which led to predictable landslide victories.  This year, however, the field is dead even–perhaps because nobody famous wanted to be seen on stage with Stefan after his utterly lame ESC hosting gig (or perhaps because the show’s producers wised up).  Either way the contest will undoubtedly give us Eurovision freaks a quick fix to hold us over until the ESC national selection processes kick off.
Curious who will be singing this year?  Well take a sneak peek here at all 16 songs and let us know whom you think should win! (via Focus)


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[…] compelled Raab to dream up his own contest called the Bundesvision Song Contest—a sort of mini-Eurovision where the 16 German states compete against one another. The rules are […]