A Friend in London: Who will follow in their footsteps?

DR, the Danish national broadcaster, has announced that it received a total of 678 submissions for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2012—the Danish national selection.

According to Denmark’s official Eurovision web site, that’s an increase of 15 submissions over last year. That sounds like a small jump, but it’s actually pretty significant: last year’s submission period lasted three months longer.

A number of big names have entered this year’s race. Niels Brinck, who represented Denmark with “Believe” in 2009, is perhaps the most familiar. (As you’ll recall, he finished 13th at Eurovision and 8th in Wiwi’s 2009 search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model).

A review committee will now listen to all 678 entries without any knowledge of who wrote them. In early January ten contestants will be invited to participate in the January 21 DGMP final. Six or seven will come from the 678 submitted entries. The remaining contestants will be established acts invited by the national broadcaster.