Can Lys Assia repeat 1956 in 2012?

Lys Assia, the winner of the very first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956, has submitted a song for Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow 2012—the Swiss national selection.

Eurovision officials routinely wheel Lys out at Eurovision events, partly to celebrate the contest’s long history and partly to remind Western European nations of past glories. And it looks like old Lys—we think she’s approaching 150—is ready to relive her own victory. Funny enough, her winning song was called “Refrain.”

Her entry in 2012 is called “C’etait ma vie,” and it was penned by Ralph Siegel. He wrote “Ein bißchen Frieden,” the German song which won the 1982 contest.
You can listen to Lys’s 2012 entry here. And you can check out one of her competitors—an American hip hop artist—here

Interview with in 2010: