According to the Irish Daily Mail, Ireland’s state broadcaster RTE wants Jedward to represent the country at Eurovision 2012 in Baku.

“Yes, RTE want the twins to represent Ireland in the Eurovision,” a source allegedly told the Daily Mail.  “The boys are very excited. They feel they have unfinished Eurovision business and would like another chance. Provided the song is right, then yes, Jedward will accept the offer.”

Louis Walsh, the boys’ manager, expressed his wish for John and Edward to compete in Baku almost immediately after they returned to Dublin following Eurovision 2011. The paper claims that Walsh has already approached Lars Jensen, Martin Larsson and Dan Priddy—the men behind Jedward’s 2011 entry “Lipstick”—to pen another hit.

From RTE’s perspective, the twins are a cash cow: the hype surrounding their Eurovision appearance in Dusseldorf led RTE to draw its biggest Eurovision audience since 1997. Jedward reportedly see a second straight trip to Eurovision as a way to extend their brand. They’re confident their newly-won fans will boost their chances of winning. “When they entered last May they were relative unknowns in Eastern Europe and they finished in eighth place,” the source told the Daily Mail. “Now they have had hits in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the UK, so they will be guaranteed better marks next year. They really could go all the way this time around.”