Hundreds of aspiring pop stars entered Slovenia’s Misija Evrovizija (Mission Eurovision) contest. Over the course of six live shows they were whittled down to 16. And now, following two more heats, just eight remain. Here they are:

Brina Vidic:

Eva & Nika Prusnik:

Eva Boto:

Flora Ema Lotric:

Gasper Rifelj (the only contestant with a penis):

Manuela Brecko:

Nadja Irgolic:

Nika Zorjan:

You’ll notice that the final list of competitors includes a female duet, six female singers and just one male contestant. Wiwi and Vebooboo suspect that Maja Keuc, Slovenia’s 2011 contestant and stunning man killer, ate all the dudes in the country.

All the ladies—and Gasper—will now compete in a live show every week, during which one contestant will be eliminated. Three finalists will face off in the final on Christmas Day. The two singers who survive that showdown will then participate in “EMA 2012,” here they will sing a series of songs, one of which will be the nation’s 2012 Eurovision entry.