The race to represent Latvia at Eurovision 2012 is in full swing. On Oct. 20, the Latvian state broadcaster posted 69 entries online. Voters in 74 countries—including Britain, Brazil and India—listened to the songs a total of 317,132 times. Based on the votes those listeners cast, producers of Eirodziesma 2012 have narrowed the field to the following 20 songs. The performers won’t be revealed until Dec. 1, but we already know the composers and lyricists. Have a listen to all of them below.

1. Wanna be with you (Music – Kaspars Pudniks, Lyrics – Paul Swan)

2. Freakin’ out (Music and lyrics – Laura Bicane)

3. You are a star (Music – Atis Auzans, Lyrics – Karlis Streips)

4. Rollin’ up (Music – Jevgenijs Ustinskovs, Lyrics – Alisa May)

5. Celebration (Music – Edijs Dukurs, Lyrics – Miks Dukurs)

6. Sweet for me (Music – Miks Dukurs, Lyrics – Miks Dukurs, Georgijs Girbu)

7. Disco superfly (Music – Ralfs Eilands, Edmunds Rasmanis, Lyrics – Ralfs Eilands)

8. Dancer (Music and lyrics – Arturs Mangulis)

9. My world (Music and lyrics – Ruta Duduma)

10. Beautiful song (Music – Ivars Makstnieks, Lyrics – Rolandinš)

11. No limits to dream (Music – Edgars Belickis, Edgars Jass, Raitis Aukšmuksts, Lyrics – Maia)

12. For father (Music – Elmars Orols, Lyrics – Samanta Tina)

13. Get it started (Music – BuGaGa Project, Lyrics – Sandris Vestmanis)

14. I want you back (Music – Martinš Grunte, Lyrics – Oskars Maizitis)

15. Milestibas nevar but par daudz (Music – Arturs Palkevics, Lyrics – Guntars Racs)

16. She’s a queen (Music – Austris Rietums, Lyrics – Liga Markova)

17. Better world (Music – Valters Gleške, Maris Orehovs, Lyrics – Valters Gleške)

18. Stars are my family (Music – Aivars Rakovskis, Lyrics – Agnese Rakovska)

19. Music thief (Music and lyrics – Garijs Polskis)

20. We can change the world (Music and lyrics – Andris Abelite)

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10 years ago

OMG! Beautiful song is so freakin good..luv it

10 years ago

Its got to be MUSIC THIEF Great tune & Hilarious