If Danny Zuko from Grease and the Hells Angels had five love-children who later decided to form a band, they would’ve called themselves The Carburetors. Coincidentally, this is also the name of the newest qualifier to the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix who are sure to rock your jocks!

The group of fast-car-loving, leather-wearing men will compete with their song Don’t Touch the Flame. The group admits entering MGP began as a joke, and that their love for cars can be heard within their music, which often speaks of burning rubber, engine parts and driving above the speed limit. “There is a small engine roaring in our music too,” the group’s bassist Per Gunnar Lund Wang told NRK.  “It is loud, energetic and fast-paced.” (Kind of poetic, eh?). In the same interview they also suggested they will “blow NRK’s pyro budget.”

The well-oiled Carburetors join 12 other Eurovision hopefuls Lisa Stokke, The Canoes, duo Yaseen Asher and Julie Maria Dahl, Rudi MyntevikKim André RysstadMarthe ValleMonica JohansenPlumboNora Foss Al-JabriIsabel ØdegårdMalin and Irresistible.

Watch the Carburetors rock on:

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12 years ago

Mmmn…like Dany, they look like they can get a few engines revving…