Vebooboo and Wiwi fell in love with Hungarian contestant Kati Wolf last May. Or, rather, we fell in love with her catchy song “What About My Dreams?” In person we were disappointed by Kati’s lack of star quality: she shied away from fans and the press instead of acting like the attention-hungry wolf we hoped for.

In Dusseldorf Kati sang about her dreams. Six months later, after finishing near the bottom in the Eurovision final, the Celine Dion wanna-be has decided that “Life Goes On”—and crafted an English-language single with the same name. The song is composed by the same team that helped Wolf become a Eurovision diva. (You can listen to the Hungarian version here.)

Vebooboo, Kati and Wiwi at Eurovision 2011

The video, which you can watch below, is ridic. Kati and this hot-as-hell pilot have just done the nasty and it’s time for him to fly off. It’s unclear if she’s the mistress or the wife. He gets in a car and some flight attendant hussy tries to arouse him. This sends a signal to Kati who immediately gets off of the kitchen table where she has been crying. She puts on a slinky dress, heads to the airport, and busts through security so she can give her man one final kiss and return the wristwatch he left in her bathroom.

The irony, of course, is that Wolf sings about moving on but she is still living off the success of her Eurovision hit. Today it was announced that Canadian DJ and producer Marc Mysterio will be producing a version of “What About My Dreams?” together with Kati. Mysterio was full of praise for the Hungarian disco queen in a recent interview. “I want to thank Csaba Kiss and Jozsef Szarka of Sony Musicfor pressuring the song writers to approve this version – now its going to be recorded and I’m doing this because I love Kati Wolf and want her to get exposure outside of Hungary to make her the star that every Hungarian knows she can and should be.”

Mysterio may be full of praise, but he’s keeping his investment low for the time-being. The song is reportedly going to be produced via Skype. That’s right, Skype. If any of you Kati Wolf fans out there are desperately in need of a new version, feel free to go to Air Canada’s website and book the poor girl a flight to Toronto!


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Definitly HOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!

William Lee Adams

The man in this video is HAWT HAWT HAWT!