Citizens all across Eurovision Nation have gone into mourning after Polish broadcaster TVP announced yesterday that Poland is likely to pull out of Eurovision 2012. But before the lights go out in Warsaw, Polish Eurovision fans are circulating a petition begging TVP to keep the country in the contest.

Magdalena Tul has signed the petition. Will you?

Writing on its official web site yesterday, Telewizja Polska said it will devote the bulk of its upcoming schedule to the Euro 2012 football championships, which Poland the Ukraine will host jointly in June. As such the network has commissioned a series of documentaries and news programs devoted to football—squeezing out the sequins and screaming pop stars of Eurovision 2012. Rights to the 2012 Olympic Games also mean they have less cash in their purse for Eurovision. A message posted on the network’s official Facebook page puts it rather bluntly: “TVP will not participate in Eurovision 2012. Please direct questions to: [email protected].” Ouch.

Wiwi is absolutely devastated and has a hunch TVP is basing its decision on more than scheduling. Last year Poland’s Magdalena Tul got royally screwed by the European Broadcasting Union, which admitted that the transmission of her performance was interrupted in several countries. She finished last in the first semi-final despite having one of the hottest songs in the contest. Furthermore, she managed to win Wiwi’s annual search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model, beating strong contenders from Azerbaijan and Slovenia. Marcin Mrzonski, Poland’s contestant in 2010, managed to finish as second runner-up in the hunt for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. Don’t let TVP deny us all that beauty (and all that booty)!

You can sign the petition here. Let’s fight for Poland at Eurovision 2012!

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12 years ago

To me Poland should be in ESC 2012!