On Dec. 23 Spain’s TVE held a press conference in Madrid to introduce the press to Pastora Soler, Spain’s contestant for Eurovision 2012. Best known for her flamenco-influenced songs, Soler told the media that she won’t be holding castanets and dancing around in sequins: she’d prefer to sing a ballad.

To get that ballad, TVE has invited composers who have worked with Soler in the past to submit potential entries. The call is not open to the general public. A special jury will whittle the entries down, and Soler will perform them during a presentation show in February. Viewers at home and a professional jury will then choose Soler’s song for Baku.

The Spanish media have taken great interest in Soler’s bid, and she’s been trending on both Google Trends and Twitter since she was named Spain’s representative last week. Spanish insiders have suggested that her Eurovision entry will come from her latest album Una mujer como yo, which was released on October 18 and therefore qualifies for inclusion in this year’s contest.

What do y’all think of ‘Yo no te pido la luna’ (I don’t ask the moon)? Word has it this is a front-runner…


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9 years ago

Carola sang this in Swedish back in 1984, it was called “Amore”. (Kom hit och ge mig amore…”)

Ewan Spence
10 years ago

I’d prefer Demasiado Amor to be honest, but it was out before Sept 1st 🙁

10 years ago

You’re joking, right? This song is at least from the nineties. (I remember CAROLA singing it in the Swedish postcard for ESC1991)