Note to Ireland’s potential Eurosong contestants: Don’t broadcast your decisions on Twitter until you’ve had plenty of time to mull them over.

That’s the somewhat embarassing lesson that former Wonderland singer Sharon Condon learned earlier today. Condon, who tweets under the handle @shazcondon, initially accepted an offer to compete against Jedward in Ireland’s Eurosong contest on the Late Late Show.  “So I’ve decided to go for the euro vision.. Only because I think we have a smashing song which I will be helping to produce,” she wrote on the site. But hours later she pulled a 180.“Ok so I’ve decided not to do the euro song as I’m enjoying singing/songwriting so I shall keep going the way I am.”

Apparently Condon thought being associated with Eurovision would damage her career. That’s kind of puzzling given that she recently split with Wonderland after their record label dropped them earlier this year. If I recall, Eurovision 2011 helped propel Jedward to even greater heights, and saw them top the charts across Europe.

Condon is obviously intimidated by the thought of facing off against the world’s most famous set of identical singing twins, who confirmed in October that they wanted another shot at the Eurovision crown. She isn’t alone. On Dec. 10 the Ireland Herald reported that last year’s runner-up Nikki Kavanagh pulled out of this year’s show for similar reasons.

“I’m definitely not going to do it now because the lads are at their peak,” she told the Herald. “I would rather be in the competition where I could be on the same playing field.”

“I am very surprised that RTE are even doing the show again. They got into the top 10 last year so people want them to go through again.”

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