Rumors have been swirling for days that rock singer Kiraç will fly Turkey’s flag at Eurovision this May. Those rumors reached fever pitch this morning after Erol Köse—the former president of Turkish state broadcaster TRT— repeated the claim on his Twitter feed. But less than an hour later Kiraç’s management released the following statement: “Kiraç is not interested in Eurovision and would never enter the competition.” Since then Köse has been tweeting non-stop, apparently trying to explain his mistake. Oops.

If any of y’all speak Turkish and can decipher this series of Tweets, please let us know what’s up! It seemed rather far-fetched to Wiwi that Turkey would even consider putting a rock band up for a THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR, especially given the disaster of Yuksek Sadakat last year. The group—whose act included a belly dancer locked inside a spherical cage—were voted out during the semi-finals.

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Wiwi Bloggs
Wiwi Bloggs
11 years ago

Thank you for clarifying, ozzyd!

11 years ago

I am a Turkish speaker.
Kose didn’t actually say anything admitting his mistake.
Maybe, the one at the top said something…
Nothing clear…
He just kept telling Kirac would be better than Atiye, but didn’t say anything about his fault.