Earlier today Dutch broadcaster TROS revealed the six acts who will compete to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision 2012.

The move to stage a nationally televised contest comes after several years of disappointment. Holland has not advanced to the Eurovision final since 2004. Last year’s act—the 3Js—were completely forgettable. And in 2010 the Swedish contestant Anna Bergendahl basically said that the Dutch contestant Sieneke belonged in a circus. Ouch.

TROS recruited John de Mol, the creator of Big Brother, to oversee the contest, which culminates in a live broadcast on February 26. He called on artists and lyricists to submit songs or text, and narrowed the field down to the following six acts. Wiwi likes that there’s a song called “Undercover Lover.” That smacks of Helena Paparizou’s winning song “My Number One” which included the line: “You’re my lover/ Undercover…” Maybe we already have a winner on our hands, people! (And who is the blond dude above? He is HOT).

Artist: Raffaëla Paton
Music & Lyrics: Jan Rooymans, Chris Silos

You And Me
Artist: Joan Franka
Music & Lyrics: Joan Franka & Jessica Hogeboom

Take Me As I Am
Artist: Ivan Peroti
Music & Lyrics: Alain Clark, Steve Diamond, Ben Caver

We Can Overcome
Artist: Pearl Jozefzoon
Music & Lyrics: Gordon Groothedde

Undercover Lover
Artist: Tim Douwsma
Music & Lyrics: Bruce R.F. Smith, Michel van der Zanden

Children of the World
Aritst: Kim de Boer
Music & Lyrics: Martijn Schimmer

Wiwi just hopes one of the acts above can match Holland’s fierce 2011 Junior Eurovision contestant Rachel, who finished second. Her act was HOT.

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10 years ago

Please don’t forget to tell that John de Mol decided to neglect the 450 composers/singers who toke part in the contest. He only picked the artists from his own shows. That ends the hope of a fair contest….. and leaves 450 composers/singers very angry.

10 years ago

Vote for Tim he has the best looks and the best singing quality

10 years ago

Google tells me that Tim is the cute one with the Helena Paparizou lyrics. I guess we know who to root for now then, don’t we?

10 years ago

You say “matching the lyrics of My Number One” like it’s a good thing…