Latvia’s two semi-finals for Eirodzesma, its national selection contest, are now complete. You can watch all of the finalists below and also vote in our poll. Wiwi gives 12 points to the Mad Show Boys for their witty song “Music Theif.” But what do you think? Is Anmary’s “Beautiful Song” actually beautiful? Can Andris Abelite really change the world? Let us know your thoughts!

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Samanta Tina & Davids Kalandija – I want you back

Paula Dukure – Celebration

Andris Abelite – We can change the world

Ruta Duduma – My world

Group ‘PeR’ – Disco Superfly

Anmary – Beautiful Song

Roberts Petersons – She’s a Queen

Elizabete Zagorska – You Are a Star

Mad Show Boys – Music Thief

Trianas Parks – Stars Are My Family

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10 years ago

Music Thief is the best hit ! ))) I vote for these crazy boys! 12 points from Danmark!

Almanakut Brasil
10 years ago

It has many good things!

One could even be a winner of Eurovision 2012!

10 years ago

How is it possible that Latvia ALWAYS manages to knock out the good songs before the final? From all ten songs the only two that are good are “We can change the world” and “She’s a Queen”. And still, there were at least five songs that didn’t even reach the semis that were way better. But, and considering that something as dreadful as Musiqq managed to beat Ivo Grislins and Lauris Reiniks last year… my bet is that Disco Superfly or Music Thief will win. (And yeah, I’m basing this bet on which songs I consider the worst) It’s hard… Read more »