SVT, Sweden’s national broadcaster, recently asked more than 400 die-hard Melodifestivalen fans to rank the competition’s best songs of all time. It ain’t no surprise that Sanna Nielsen placed first: Lady was robbed of her chance to represent Sweden at Eurovision 2008. That’s when hot mess of a “Hero” Charlotte Perrelli won because of the jury vote. Even so, Sanna’s “Empty Room” went on to win the 2008 Song of the Year and was in the Svensktoppen for 45 consecutive weeks.

Sanna was elated to hear that fans still love her 2008 hit. “Empty Room will always have a place in people’s hearts and means a lot,” she told SVT. But Nielsen doesn’t just want to live in the past. “However, one has to always push herself further and find new material that gives something novel to listeners.” (Um, is that why she recently released an acoustic cover of her 2011 entry “I’m In Love”?). We sincerely hope Sanna can get back on track after last year’s fourth-place finish.

She’s in the Top 10 — twice

Speaking of Perrelli, she landed two songs in the top 10 with “Hero” and “Tusen och en natt” (“Take Me to Your Heaven). Wiwi and Vebooboo and Meows Kitty and Deban don’t understand the appeal, but oh well.

Interestingly, only 5 of the Top 10 songs actually won Melodifestivalen (“Waterloo,” “Hero,” “Evighet,” “Tusen och en natt,” and “Det gor ont”). Doesn’t this prove the extent to which Sweden sends the wrong song to Eurovision?

Do you think any key artists are missing? What about BWO? Or Mans Zelmerlow?! LINDA BENGTZING?!?! Let us know who you think has been cheated.


1. Empty Room, Sanna Nielsen

2. Waterloo, ABBA

3. Hero, Charlotte Perrelli

4. Kärleken är evig, Lena Philipsson

5. Evighet, Carola

6. Moving On, Sarah Dawn Finer

7. Not a Sinner Nor a Saint, Alcazar

8. Tusen och en natt (Take Me to Your Heaven), Charlotte Nilsson

9. Det gör ont, Lena Philipsson

10. Nattens drottning, Haakon Pedersen & Elisabeth Berg

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Samantha C
Samantha C
12 years ago

Julian: I give 12 points to the Wind Machine 🙂

12 years ago

I’m Happy, i heard this morning that Sanna Nielsen, Andreas Johnsson, Carola and Jan Johanssen and perhabs the carola’s wind machine will apply together as a band for Melodifestivalen 2013.

The project named Bladder lost will be, i’m sure, an huge 2012 success

12 years ago

No offence to anyone who may be offended, but Take Me To Your Heaven wouldn’t come within a bleached hair extension’s distance of my top ten. However I agree with Empty Room, Waterloo and Evighet. Temple of Love by BWO, Cara Mia by Mans Zelmerlow, Kom by Timoteij and You’re Out of My Life by Darin would be on my list somewhere as well.
PS – I hope Sanna comes back to MF and FINALLY gets to Eurovision, after the 10972104714 rejections she’s had to suffer through.