Just when you thought Epic Sax Guy had thrusted his way off stage for good, Olia Tira & the Sunstroke Project submit a song to the Moldovan National Final. The group, which represented Moldova at Eurovision in 2010 with their naughty pleasure “Run Away,” have submitted an equally non-sensical song called “Superman.” The lyrics make “Run Away” sound like poetry.

Anyway, they’ll be fighting against fellow Eurovision veteran Nelly Ciobanu who placed 14th in 2008 with her song “Hora din Moldova.” (Olia & Co. only finished 22nd). She’s submitted a song called “Turn on the light.” If she does, she might see Epic Sax Guy moving those hips!

Who do you think has a better shot at making the national final and winning? Listen to their songs below and let us know what y’all think!

Olia Tira and the Sunstroke Project with Epic Sax Guy:

Nelly Ciobanu: