Saturday night is gonna be hot in northern Europe, y’all! Tonight Denmark will select its 2012 Eurovision contestant during its live Dansk Melodi Grand Prix broadcast, and Norway will stage the first semi-final of its Melodi Grand Prix 2012 selection contest. Here’s who and how to watch.
In Denmark, nine acts will compete in Aalborg, hoping to build on Denmark’s recent successes at ESC. (Last year A Friend in London finished in fifth place, while the year before Chanee and Tomas N’Evergreen came fourth). An international jury will comprise 50% of tonight’s vote, and a public televote will determine the rest. There will also be three guest performers: Alexander Rybak—who seriously needs to move past the Eurovision circuit; A Friend in London; and Howie D from the Backstreet Boys. Howie who?

You can watch the show live on DR1 from 20:00 CET, or online via DR’s official web stream. Wiwi will also be tweeting on @wiwibloggs.

  1. Jesper Norshtedt – Take out hearts (Morten Hampenberg, Engelina, Mads B. B. Krog)
  2. Aya – Best thing I got (John Gordon, Julie Frost)
  3. Kenneth Potempa – Reach the sky (Peter Bjørnskov, Lene Dissing, Sune Haansbæk)
  4. Ditte Marie – Overflow (Mike Eriksson, Johnny Sanchez, Hanif Sabzevari)
  5. Phillip Hallou & Emilia – Baby love me (Philip Halloun, Emilia)
  6. Suriya – Forever I be young (Suriyatim Hoffmann, Thomas Hoffmann, Jakob Winge)
  7. Karen Viuff – Universe (Lise Cabble, Boe Larsen, Simon Borch)
  8. Soluna Samaay – Should have known better (Remee, Chief 1, Isam B)
  9. Chris Brons and Patrick Isaksson – Venter (Christian Brøns, Patrik Isaksson, Rune Braager)
Norway will also stage a Eurovision contest this evening. The first of three semifinals kicks off at 19:55 CET, with the results being delivered promptly at 21:25. You can watch live on NRK1, or via NRK’s official webcast.


  1. Irresistible – Elevator (Music: Anne Judith Wik, Nermin Harambasic, Ronny Svendsen, Robin Jenssen. Lyrics: The aforementioned plus Carl Pitt)
  2. Kim André Rysstad – Så vidunderlig (Music and lyrics: Elin Nygård)
  3. Reidun Sæther – High on love (Music and lyrics: Thomas G:Son, Tommy Berre, Ovi)
  4. Rudi Myntevik – You break it, you own it (Music and lyrics: Rune Berg, Asbjørn Ribe)
  5. Lisa Stokke – With love (Music and lyrics: Lisa Stokke, Johanna Demker, Anita Lixel, Tommy Berre)
  6. United – Little Bobbi (Music and lyrics: John Lundvik, Philip Halloun, Thomas Felberg)
  7. Nora Foss Al-Jabri – Somewhere beautiful (Music and lyrics: Christian Ingebrigtsen, Eivind Rølles)
  8. The Carburetors – Don’t touch the flame (Music: Stian Krogh, Christopher Lindahl. Lyrics: Christopher Lindahl, Per Gunnar Lund-Vang)
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11 years ago

me too wiwi (: 2 days i’m cryin, i lost casper, and bibandom schamallow in the same day,
i stop eurovision for this year, i hope now 43 conchita wurst who will made gay pride
for the organisators, wha haha yess will industrial sanotage seems a good idea 🙂

11 years ago

My choice

Reidun Sæther for norway

Jesper or Kenneth for Denmark

Maybe Ima Lesbian
Maybe Ima Lesbian
11 years ago

Aya is the Best Thing That Denmark Got! WERQ IT GURL!