January 23 marks Chinese and Vietnamese New Year. As such, Wiwi was on YouTube searching for videos—my procrastination knows no limits—and he came across a video of an amateur Vietnamese pop group getting down to Ruslana’s winning Eurovision song “Wild Dances.” This totally made him chuckle.

Of course, this isn’t the only sighting we’ve had recently of Ruslana’s mega-hit (we love the choreography: it’s as if Xena Warrior Princess joined Jane Fonda for an aerobics class). Jordyn Wieber, the current world all-around gymnastics champion, performs her 2012 floor routine to the song. And we’ve already heard it covered in this year’s national selection in Azerbaijan, Ukraine’s Show #1, Slovenia’s Misija Evrovizija contest and countless other contests.

Wiwi loves that the song has struck a chord with people from Vietnam to America to Ukraine. What do y’all think of it? Is it one of the hottest Eurovision songs ever? Does the fact that it’s instantly recognizable explain its popularity? Or is it that fabulous beat that gets you moving from the very start? Holla at your Wiwi and let me know!

Watch the Vietnamese take:

Watch the original:

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12 years ago

I’ve seen that one a lot too, but I think the official website says the most covered one is Nel Blu Dpinto Di Blu (commonly known as Volare) from waaaaaaaayy back in the day. Wild Dances is probably so popular though because it has a certain sex appeal and everyone loves an opportunity to dance wildly! Plus, it’s just a fun song:)

12 years ago

What worries me the most is that this has been, so far, the only cover I didn’t dread.