Maltese Eurovision fans are among the most spirited and passionate at every ESC. So you know it’s going to be HOT inside the arena on the night of Malta’s national selection contest. For the past month Wiwi’s readers have been voting for their favorite contestant. We thought we’d give you guys an update ahead of the final on February 3 and 4. If y’all have it right, it’s gonna be a tight race between Lawrence Gray and Kaya.

As of January 25, more than 350 votes had been cast. Here’s the breakdown:

Lawrence Gray: “In Your Eyes” 54 15.25%
Kaya: “First Time” 47 13.28%
Annalise Ellul: “Whoop It Up!” 39 11.02%
Fabrizio Faniello: “I Will Fight For You” (Papa’s Song) 31 8.76%
Claudia Faniello: “Pure” 30 8.47%
Richard Edwards: “Look At Me Now” 25 7.06%
Deborah C ft. Leila James: “You Make Me Go UH UH” 20 5.65%
Romina Mamo: “D.N.A.” 16 4.52%
Eleanor Cassar: “I Want to Run Away” 14 3.95%
Gianni: “Petals on a Rose” 13 3.67%
Janvil: “You Are My Life” 9 2.54%
Klinsmann: “No Way Back” 9 2.54%
Danica Muscat: “Seven Days” 7 1.98%
Wayne Micallef: “Time” 7 1.98%
Amber: “Answer With Your Eyes” 6 1.69%
Dorothy Bezzina: “Autobiography” 6 1.69%
Corazon Mizzi: “Mystifying Eyes” 4 1.13%
Francesca Borg: “Take Me Far” 3 0.85%
Jessica Muscat: “Dance Romance” 3 0.85%
Kurt Calleja: “This is the Night” 3 0.85%
Anna Azzopardi: “Still Waiting” 2 0.56%
Isabelle Zammit: “Walk on Water” 2 0.56%
Janice Mangion: “While Her Eyes Still Glow” 2 0.56%
Nadine Bartolo: “Can’t Get Away” 2 0.56% 

Watch the current leader:


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10 years ago

yes only lawrence gray can do it for eurovision for malta

10 years ago


10 years ago

Lawrence |Gray has a really amazing voice and he has a great song!!! I really wish that he wins! I believe he could do really well for Malta at Eurovision..