National selection season is well under way, and you guys have cast hundreds of votes in our various polls to determine who should compete at Eurovision 2012. All of these polls close on the eve of the respective country’s national final, so there’s still time to let us know what you think! Let’s quickly review the favorites in Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia and Malta. Just click on the song name to have a listen, and click on the bold header to vote in the poll.

Who Should Represent Malta at Eurovision 2012? Vote Now!

The Maltese national final takes place on February 3 and 4. As of January 28, Kaya (“First Time“) leads with 16% of all votes. Laurence Gray (“In Your Eyes“)  follows close behind with 14%. Annalise Ellul (“Whoop It Up!”) is third with 10%.

The Maltese poll is now closed. See the final results by clicking here.

Who Should Represent Belarus at Eurovision 2012? Vote Now!

Belarus will choose its winner at the EuroFest 2012 final on February 14. As of January 28, Litesound (“We are the Heroes“) has jumped into a massive lead with 47% of all votes. Victoria Aleshko (“Dream”) is second with 19%.

Alena Lanskaya – All My Life 7.55%
Gunesh – And Morning Will Come 13.21%
Litesound – We Are the Heroes 47.17%
Uzari – The Winner 13.21%
Victoria Aleshko – Dream 18.87%


Who Should Represent Latvia at Eurovision 2012? Vote Now!

Latvia chooses on February 18. The Mad Show Boys (“Music Thief“) have a commanding lead with 48% of all votes.

Samanta Tina & Davids Kalandija – I want you back 4.62%
Paula Dukure – Celebration 6.15%
Andris Abelite – We can change the world 7.69%
Ruta Duduma – My world 1.54%
Group ‘PeR’ – Disco Superfly 10.77%
Anmary – Beautiful Song 9.23%
Roberts P?tersons – She’s a Queen 4.62%
Elizabete Zagorska – You Are a Star 4.62%
Mad Show Boys – Music Thief 47.69%
Trianas parks – Stars Are My Family 3.08%


Who Should Represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2012? Vote Now!

Bulgaria’s national final takes place on February 29. As of January 28, Todor Gadzhalov (“Still Love You“) is leading with 40% of all votes. He’s followed by Dess (“Love Is Alive“) who has 26%, and Roma diva who has 22%.


Who Should Represent Austria at Eurovision 2012? Vote Now!

Austria selects its contestant on February 24. Conchita Wurst—who gave us a seriously good interview about her song “That’s What I Am”—is currently leading with 68% of all votes. He/She is followed by DelaDap (“Crazy Swing” ) who have 7%.



Check out our Eurovision 2012 Polls page to cast your vote in these and other polls. If you are trying to top the poll for your country, but haven’t yet perfected the art of singing, check out for music instruction.

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10 years ago

Oh god, I really hope Music Thief doesn’t win. I’m really hoping for Trianas Parks…

10 years ago

” Music Thief ” for win this year! Really great song! )