Officials with ORF, the Austrian state broadcaster, have announced the disqualification of !DelaDap and their entry “Crazy Swing” from the Austrian national selection for Eurovision 2012.

YouTube can get you in big trouble—and not just when you’re uploading videos of yourself in the shower. Eurovision songs are not allowed to be performed publicly before September 1. Unfortunately for !DelaDap—who, on Saturday, were second in Wiwi’s poll “Who Should Represent Austria at Eurovision 2012“—someone uploaded footage of them performing the song in Odessa, Ukraine 12 days before it was legit for them to do so. See footage of the event below.

Georg Spatt, the spokesperson for the professional jury that oversees Austria’s selection, confirmed the news earlier today. “Since Friday, we have heard rumors that the band and the song ‘Crazy Swing’ which they have applied for the song contest with, has been publically performed before September 2011,” he said. “We have examined these allegations over the weekend and also questioned the band about it. The result for the band is bitter, but also clear, and a disqualification of the song is absolutely nescessary.”

It’s possible that ORT will allow !DelaDap to perform in the national final if they can come up with a new song fast.

Conchita Wurst, the front-runner in our poll, must be breathing a bit easier….