France’s Anggun was a special guest at Malta’s national final on February 4. She performed her Eurovision song “Echo (You and I).” Wiwi loved it, and hopes she lip-synchs as well at Eurovision!

Just kidding. She seriously sounded—and looked—amazing. Her song totally fills up the three minutes, and at no point did Wiwi want to put her on mute. The more I hear it, the more I like it! You can read the lyrics here.

Anggun also did a quick interview on stage with the hosts of the Maltese final. The male host looked at Anggun’s teeny tiny skirt and said, “Nice dress.” She smiled her million-dollar smile and he shut his mouth.

The female host asked Anggun about “Buy me Happiness,” a single on her new album.

Anggun swallowing a microphone

Anggun: “‘Buy Me Happiness’ it talks about the fact that you cannot buy happiness. It’s not the amount of money that you have or your position in social life. It’s really love that can give you happiness.”

Female host: “You are originally from Indonesia, right? But you are representing France at Eurovision. How does that feel?

Anggun: “I’m actually a French citizen. I have been living in France since more than 10 years, and I’m just so lucky and very honored to represent this country because I’m a Francophile.” [We would hope so…since you, like, live there.]

Anggun sought revenge on the male host who dissed her dress and continued to stare at her ass.

Anggun: “Do you speak French?”

Male host: “I know Eiffel Tower. I know Sarkozy. I know Moulin Rouge. And I know la vache qui rit [the laughing cow…as in the cheese spread].”

Female host: “You are also a global ambassador for the United Nations. What is your role?”

Anggun: “My role. I’ve been working with the U.N. since six years, and I am one of the good will ambassadors for F&O which is a food and agriculture organizaiton. I invite all you all to go to to sign a petition to end the hunger in the world.”


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11 years ago

It was Anggun who said “nice dress” to the female host. The male host replied “thank you” sarcastically. @ 3:22

11 years ago

Congratulation Anggunn for this wonderfull LIVE performance ha ha ha ha Made my day lol

angus wonderland
angus wonderland
11 years ago

All the best luck for france this year !!