If Wiwi’s readers have it right, then Litesound will likely win tonight’s national selection in Belarus with their song “We Are the Heroes.” Litesound captured 48% of all votes in our poll, outpacing Victoria Aleshko (16%), Uzari (13%), Gunesh (12%), and Alena Lanskaya (10%). Their pop rock sound is a major departure from last year’s winner Anastasiya Vinnikova (the Communist wet dream), and the WiwiBloggs.Com team definitely approves. You can see the compete results of our poll below and can also listen to the anticipated winner.

Complete results:

1. Litesound – We Are the Heroes 47.76%

2. Victoria Aleshko – Dream 16.42%

3. Uzari – The Winner 13.43%

4. Gunesh – And Morning Will Come 11.94%

5. Alena Lanskaya – All My Life 10.45%

Litesound performs “We Are the Heroes” during the EuroFest semi-finals:

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10 years ago

This song is great

10 years ago

well, the winner is last in your poll. typical for Belarus. can anybody find a studio version of the song to download?