Ireland and Austria select their 2012 Eurovision contestants on Friday, February 24. Wiwi’s readers have been casting their votes over the past several weeks. With just three days left to vote, here’s how things stand.

Who Should Represent Austria at Eurovision 2012?

In Austria, drag queen Conchita Wurst—she’s part woman, part sausage—has established a firm lead with 65% of all votes. Her song, “That’s What I Am,” tells the story of her sexual emancipation. She’s not a freak, y’all, she’s a person. Her nearest competitor at the moment is Trackshittaz (as in, “track sh*tters”—people who poo on the street). Their song “Woiki mit deim Popo” has earned just over 9% of the vote.

1. Conchita Wurst – “That’s What I Am” 64.58%
2. Trackshittaz – “Woki mit deim Popo” 9.38%
3. James Cottriall – “Stand Up” 5.73%
4. Valeri – “Comme Ca” 4.17%
5. Krautschädl – “Einsturzgefohr” 2.6%
5. Mary Broadcast Band – “How Can You Ask Me” 2.6%
7. Papermoon – “Vater, Father, Mon Pere” 2.08%
7. Norbert Schneider – “Medicate My Blues Away” 2.08%
9. Blockstars 0.52%

Who Should Represent Ireland at Eurovision 2012?

In Ireland, Jedward are poised to pull off a similar landslide. They currently lead with 62% of all votes, followed by Donna McCaul who has more than 19%. The latest betting odds suggest a much tighter race between these once and (potentially future) Eurovision contestants.

1 – Jedward – Waterline 61.69%
2 – Donna MacCaul – Mercy 19.48%
3 – Andrew Mann – Here I Am 7.14%
4 – Maria McCool & Celctic Whisper – Mistaken 6.49%
5 – Una Gibney and David Shannon – Language of Love 5.19%

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