SVT must be fans of Vanessa Williams, because they sure have saved the best for last. After three crap to mediocre semi-finals, here comes the big daddy of them all! Here’s what the WiwiBloggs.Com team thinks will happen in Malmo:

1. Charlotte Perrelli — “The Girl”
Charlotte’s song is an autobiographical story of a girl who becomes empowered after surviving random crap. Clearly Charlotte is still bitter about her bad break-up in 2008. The song isn’t her best, but Charlotte is a definite favourite to make it through. Her vocals are strong, and she works that wind machine like no other.

Prediction: Direct to Globen

2. OPA — “Allting blir bra igen”
OK, worst song of the night based on the 1-minute clip. Just so random. If this were being sung in Greece or Turkey, it could make it through. But clearly the group got their geography mixed up and ended up a bit north of where they need to be.

Prediction: OUT

3. Dynazty — “Land of Broken Dreams”
The lyrics are pretty cheesy, but more importantly, this just ain’t that good. We were shocked to see Dead by April make it through, but at least that song was memorable because a) the singer was hot and b) there was random screaming. This is just too plain.

Prediction: OUT

Charlotte Perrelli: Is she still The Girl?

4. Lotta Engberg and Christer Sjogren — “Don’t Let Me Down”
This could seriously sneak into the Direct to Globen pool. It’s feel good, features famous artists, and killer vocals. It’s also the only song of its kind tonight, and with Hanna Lindblad stealing some votes from Charlotte, this could make it through. I’m a big fan.

Prediction: Second chance

5. Hanna Lindblad — “Goosebumps”
So much better than that sh*t that Marie Serneholdt produced this year. Hanna works the stage and has a much more interesting song. Not really sure why they decided to show 15 seconds of her interpretive dance during a 1-minute clip, though. She has a chance of squeezing into the Second Chance to improve on her performance last time around, but sadly I think it won’t be the case.

Prediction: OUT

6. Axel Algmark — “Kyss mig”
If this doesn’t make it through I will be seriously disappointed. It’s just absolutely adorable. The lead singer’s stage presence is comical but sweet. The vocals are killer, and the song is super catchy. Nothing like it this year in the field of 32, and I sincerely hope we get to hear it again, even if just in the Second Chance.

Prediction: Second Chance

7. Lisa Miskovsky — “Why Start a Fire”
Well, you could start a fire if you’re bored…which is what Vebooboo was after the first 15 seconds of this clip. It starts out with great vocals, but just never builds. Interesting staging, but we all remember that moving doors didn’t help Julia Alvgard in “For Better or For Worse” last year.

Prediction: OUT

8. Danny Saucedo — “Amazing”
Well, all the teens have nobody else to give their votes to on Saturday, and that pretty much seals a direct ticket to Stockholm for our favourite Melodifestivalen hunk. Give us some of that sauce, Danny! His vocals in the beginning of the clip are surprisingly shaky, but the LED-staging is way too memorable to not make it through. Check out the photo of Danny’s act at the very top of this page!

Prediction: Direct to Globen

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Thanks was great “Amazing” 🙂 But now charlotte don’t need to replace it, she have to
find a composer for 2013 and without theets it will be more pleasure rhoo nooooo shame on me

William Lee Adams

OH NO!! I hope he is OK for tonight! Julian: Thank you for the tip! Also, I’ll send you some radio things tomorrow 🙂 Enjoy the show tonight! Wiwi xx


Alert, our lovely Charlotte Perelli lost 2 theeths during rehearshal.

A vampirelli without theets ??? She fall down in piece as an ikea furniture sweety heart (: