Last fall there were fears Romania wouldn’t compete at Eurovision 2012. But the perreniel Eurovision contender is back—and its national selection includes some pretty fierce acts. RTV, Romania’s state broadcaster, has now released videos of all 15 entries, which you can watch below. After you do, be sure to vote in our poll ahead of the March 10 final!


1. Catalin Josan – “Call my name”

2. Ana Mardare – “If you find simple words to say”

3. Vicky Red – “If you ever feel”

4. RPK – “Singura care”

5. Lucian Oros – “The best a man can get”

6. Raluca Ocneanu – “Time is on my side”

7. Electric Fence – “Sun-ta”

8. Ovidiu Anton – “I walk alone”

9. Miss Mary – “Rollin”

10. Mandinga – “Zaleilah”

11. T&L – “Twilight”

12. Ioana Bianca Anuta – “Girls don’t cry”

13. Tasha – “Say my name”

14. Bianca Purcarea – “Don’t say sorry”

15. Ana Mardare – “This must be love”

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8 years ago

Mandinga is No 1 !

8 years ago

Sounds good..
1. Catalin Josan – “Call my name” and
3. Vicky Red – “If you ever feel”