The bookies have Loreen down as the odds-on favorite, and Wiwi’s readers clearly agree. The “Euphoria singer” won our poll in a landslide, capturing more than 65% of all votes. In something of a surprise, author-turned-singer Björn Ranelid and his musical muse Sara Li finished second with 9.77%. Danny Saucedo came third with “Amazing” and 8.61% of the vote.

You can watch the 2012 Melodifestivalen Final live this evening on the SVT website from 20:00 CET. As for now, you can chek out the full results of our poll below.

Complete results

1. Loreen with “Euphoria” 65.07%
2. Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li with “Mirakel” (Miracle) 9.77%
3. Danny Saucedo with “Amazing” 8.61%
4. Molly Sandén with “Why Am I Crying?” 4.14%
5. Lisa Miskovsky with “Why Start a Fire?” 3.15%
6. Dead by April with “Mystery” 2.48%
7. Ulrik Munther with “Soldiers” 2.48%
8. David Lindgren with “Shout It Out” 1.99%
9. Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern with “Jag reser mig igen” (I Rise Again) 1.49%
10. Top Cats with “Baby Doll” 0.83%

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12 years ago

So… This is what it has come down to? Sweden sending jet another of there pop song and claims it will take home the gold. Maybe they should try some fresh blood for once? I miss the times of ABBA… At least they we’re good, Sweden haven’t produced any great hits since the 90’s in my opinion.

12 years ago

I hope you’re right!!! Sweden neeeeds Loreen