Double trouble: Brothers Ivan and Gabriel hail from Locarno, Switzerland

Switzerland’s Sinplus released their official video to “Unbreakable” earlier this afternoon. They’ve translated the key themes of “Unbreakable”— that you must persevere to achieve your dreams—from song to screen rather well. The video showcases a series of attractive secretaries literally turning into robots from long hours at the office. Spurred on by Sinplus’ pop-rock anthem, they “swim against the stream” and trade in their white work attire for black spandex. Apparently they’ve always dreamed of being dancers. By the video’s end they’ve ditched their photocopying work and dance with a joy that comes from freedom. It’s a fun take on an uplifting theme, and WiwiBloggs.Com approves.

We also love the positive vibe Ivan and Gabriel Broggini give off at every turn. They were incredibly kind during our interview after the Swiss national selection. And that continues in the e-mail they sent to WiwiBloggs.Com this morning to alert us that their video had gone live:

Hello! Ivan & Gabriel are proud to present the new video of “Unbreakable.” Please share it and post it all around 😉 thank you! Have a rockin’ day. Ivan & Gabriel

Twelve points for good manners!


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12 years ago

I agree with Emma. It’s good that they’ve worked on their pronunciation, but I miss “sweem against the strim”. It was a a kind of personal touch. It’s like it’s lost it’s uniqueness now.

12 years ago

Douze points for improving the song! For their sake, I’m glad they worked on their English and are saying the right vowel sounds (though I will miss “sweem against the strim”!). That was the biggest criticism I’ve seen towards them, so good work guys! And yes, I’ve talked to them on Facebook and they’re incredibly classy and nice. Alas, as the charming Eric Saade and his equally charming rival Alexej Vorobjov proved, classiness counts very little with the average televoter.