Engelbert Humperdinck—the 75-year old legend representing Britain at ESC 2012—unveiled his song “Love Will Set You Free” on March 19. The WiwiBloggs.Com team and bookies both fell in love instantly. This morning The Hump appeared on BBC Breakfast—Britain’s biggest morning news program—and revealed just how excited he is to be singing in Baku.

“The call came through to my son and the BBC asked if I would do it,” he said. “For them to have the confidence and ask me to represent the country is quite wonderful.” Engelbert said the decision to accept took him approximately two seconds. “I feel like I’ve won the lottery. I open every paper and my face is there.”

Wearing his signature black suit and black tie, he said that every contestant has a chance to win including the Buranovskiye Babushki. He’s hoping the fact he recently performed in Riga—for an audience of 18 million—will help many Eurovision voters remember his name. He also has his fingers crossed that his ballad “Love Will Set You Free” will stir listeners from Dublin to Gdansk. “It has a very English flavor to it. It’s a waltz tempo” he said. “I’ve been very lucky with waltzes. I [sang] ‘The Last Waltz’ which was number one around the world. I’m hoping that this waltz will waltz me to the top position.”

Yesterday he learned that he’ll be performing first during the Eurovision final. He isn’t worried about being forgotten when voters pick up their phones 25 songs later. “I am opening up,” he said. “Like a racehorse if you get in front you could stay in front.” We’ll find out on May 26.