Yesterday in Baku heads of delegations representing the 42 participating countries stuck their hands in fishbowls, and learned where their ESC contestant will perform in the Eurovision lineup. Presumably 41 of those delegates had their fingers crossed they wouldn’t have to perform after front-runner Loreen from Sweden. Thirty-six countries drew for their starting position in the semi-finals, while the Big 5 + the host Azerbaijan drew for their position in the final.

Countries were previously allotted to the first half or second half of each semi-final during the semi-final allotment on January 25. Yesterday two countries in each semi-final received a wildcard and had the privilege of choosing their starting position. The remaining countries drew their positions afterwards.

Draw of Semi-Final 1

  1. Montenegro
  2. Iceland
  3. Greece
  4. Latvia
  5. Albania
  6. Romania
  7. Switzerland
  8. Belgium
  9. Finland (wildcard)
  10. Israel
  11. San Marino
  12. Cyprus
  13. Denmark
  14. Russia
  15. Hungary
  16. Austria
  17. Moldova
  18. Ireland (wildcard)

Draw of Semi-Final 2

  1. Serbia
  2. FYR Macedonia
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Malta
  5. Belarus
  6. Portugal
  7. Ukraine (wildcard)
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Slovenia
  10. Croatia
  11. Sweden
  12. Georgia
  13. Turkey
  14. Estonia
  15. Slovakia
  16. Norway
  17. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  18. Lithuania (wildcard)
  • This semi-final opens with three slowish, heavy songs from Serbia, FYR Macedonia and the Netherlands. Malta’s Kurt Calleja can capitalize on this as his number is upbeat and he performs fourth
  • Ukraine—with one of the liveliest songs—performs after Portugal—with one of the more forgettable ballads.
  • Sweden’s Loreen will perform in position #11—immediately after the break. We hope viewers make it back from the toilet in time to hear her
  • Vote in our poll Who Will Win the Second Semi-Final at Eurovision 2012?

Preliminary draw for the Final

The Big 5 countries (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom) plus the host, Azerbaijan, drew for their starting positions in the Grand Final. Spain drew the wildcard and chose to perform 19th. Azerbaijan drew the unlucky number of 13. The U.K.’s starting position may not conjure superstition, but it may be more unlucky: Engelbert Humperdinck has to perform first.

  • 01. United Kingdom
  • 09. France
  • 10. Italy
  • 13. Azerbaijan
  • 19. Spain (wildcard)
  • 20. Germany
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