Jedward—the world’s most famous set of identical singing twins—know how to manage publicity. In the run-up to Eurovision last year they gave countless interviews, appeared on numerous television shows, and posed nearly naked in a gay magazine. After Eurovision they went on to launch their own TV show, performed for U.S. president Barack Obama, appeared on Britain’s “Celebrity Big Brother,” and starred in a Christmas pantomime in Dublin.

So the team at WiwiBloggs.Com wasn’t exactly shocked when Irish state broadcaster RTE revealed that John and Edward had Eurovision tattoos inked into them last week—or that they underwent the painful process in front of cameras from MUZU.TV.  At Dublin’s Zulu tattoo parlor, John had the word “Eurovision” etched onto his lower arm while Edward chose to have the same word tattooed on his upper back. “My tattoo really hurt but Edward and I did it for Eurovision as we so want to win the competition for Ireland,” John told MUZU. Edward sees it as a lifelong memento: “Having a tattoo with John is really cool. It’s always going to be a special memory for us in 2012, especially if we win Eurovision.”

Rumours are already swirling that the tattoos may not be real. We tend to think they are temporary. John and Edward—who have a savvy PR team behind them—know that permanently altering their skin comes with plenty of risks. Do they really want Eurovision tattoos etched on them forever in the event they don’t do well in Baku? That would pretty much eliminate any chance they have of posing nude again.

Of course if you watch the video below all will become clear. I won’t spoil the surprise….but be sure to check out the video title!


Jedward – April Fool: Jedward Get Tattoos for Eurovision on MUZU.TV.

Photos courtesy of MUZU.TV

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9 years ago

Oh my gawd. This is stupid. “PR stunt”?
These two were cute last year but they really are getting on my nerves. Getting tattoos of Eurovision on them – big whoop!
Has Wiwi removed all the Jedward’s death threats too?

9 years ago

Yes sure it’s a real Tatoo with a video named “Jedward – April Fool: Jedward Get Tattoos for Eurovision on MUZU.TV.” :):):)