Hungary, Csaba Walko, 2

Last year Hungary’s Compact Disco—one of Eastern Europe’s most successful electronica bands—earned an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Hungarian Act. In recent days they’ve flexed their mainstream muscle by releasing seven re-mixes of their Eurovision entry “Sound of Our Hearts.” The Wiwi Jury previously skewered the group’s entry, suggesting it was so dull that we had to check whether our hearts were still beating after listening to it. The re-mixes—which you can listen to here—provide a bit more texture and development, and take the original entry to a new level.

What do you think? Would Compact Disco would have been wise to re-mix “Sound of Our Hearts” for Eurovision? You can listen to the “Monoscope Remix”—one of our favorites—below.


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9 years ago

Much fuller, more dynamic, more fun… Less predictable… Compact disco will now be promoted to my ipod workout playlist… A spot reserved for only the best!