In the official video for her Eurovision entry “The Social Network Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh,” Valentina Monetta gets drawn into the lusty world of online dating. As she says in the song, “Do you wanna be more than just a friend/ Do you wanna play cyber sex again?”

Now Val is inviting all of us along for the ride. As part of her promotional campaign for ESC 2012, Valentina and her team are giving her fans “a once in a lifetime chance to win an exclusive VIP trip” — wait for it — to Oktoberfest 2012 in Munich, Germany. That’s right. Rather than observing Valentina in her natural habitat of San Marino, all y’all are invited to join her on a trip to Germany. “You will be invited and looked after as Valentina’s esteemed guest and will experience some of the most unforgettable days and loads of fun at the biggest folk festival in the world!” the statement from her PR team says. You’ll also receive 1000 euros in spending money—enough cash to join a few online dating sites while relaxing in your suite. Just in case you and Valentina don’t hit it off, the prize is for two people, so you can bring a friend.

Come fly with me: Valentina gets ready for Oktoberfest

But there’s no such thing as a free lunch, people. Only one lucky person will win the chance to hang with the “Social Network” star (no, not Jesse Eisenberg….Valentina!). To enter you must first download Valentina’s “The Social Network Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh,” or its predecessor, the disqualifiedFacebook Uh Oh Oh.” Then, using an iPhone, iPad or other camcorder-like device, you need to create your own music video set to Valentina’s song. You can film that wherever you’d like—or you can download a “green screen” version of the music video and literally put yourself in the Social Network. I’m not kidding. You can download it from this link, and then hop in Valentina’s bed.

Next—yes, there is more—you will need to upload the video to YouTube and tag it with the following words: Eurovision, 2012, San Marino, Social Network, Music Video Contest. Valentina’s team stress that “it is necessary to include all these keywords in order to be eligible to enter the contest.”

And finally, you will need to fill out a participant registration form, which will be published on Friday, April 13 on the SMTV web site.

If your video impresses the team at SMTV, you’ll be rewarded handsomely. The second place winner receives 700 euros; third place received 500 euros; fourth through sixth place receives 200 euros; and seventh through tenth receives 100 euros. If all of you guys put your winnings together, you might be able to pay for Ivi Adamou’s trip to Eurovision in Concert.

Good luck! Let us know if you’re entering and how you do!



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9 years ago

I just had the most ridiculous idea for this…