Manuel, right, doesn’t shine like Lukas

ORF, Austria’s state broadcaster, has released a video explaining why the Trackshittaz love their tractor as part of their Eurovision promotional campaign. During the two-minute clip Lukas Plöchl argues that the farm equipment is more practical than a tour bus. “It has something about our roots because we are coming from the country side,” he says in his slightly imperfect, but totally adorable, English. “We haven’t that much streets so we have to go on fields and through forests and so on, and therefore it’s better because even a Hummer or something like that would be too small.” Clearly Lukas likes big toys! Manuel Hoffelner, his back-up, is rather useless in the video—mirroring his role in their stage act.

My favorite part of this “English language” video may well be the narrator’s thick Austrian accent. It’s very Sacha Baron Cohen / Bruno, no? “They will represent the Alpine Republic with their catchy song ‘Woki mit deim Popo,’ which means ‘Shake Your Booty,'” he says. “Not only their style of music is kind of unique, they also have an extraordinary lifestyle. Instead of a tour bus they go by their own Trackshittaz tractor.” He later adds that “their huge vehicle [puts] a lot of horse power under their booties.” We won’t even start to unpack that…


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