In this special edition of The Wiwi Show, we review all 23 acts from Eurovision in Concert 2012. Austria’s Trackshittaz and Latvia’s Anmary wowed us, but others had us reaching for our painkillers. Listen to the show below to find out who was hot, who was not, and who gave us the cold shoulder during the press day. And be sure to check back frequently in the coming days: we have a dozen more video interviews from the event to share with you! A lady never gives it all away at once, y’all….


Wiwi: Hello Europe! It’s Wiwi calling from WiwiBloggs.Com. It’s been another busy week on Planet Eurovision, so  get your vitamin pills and water ‘cause we’re about to wear you out. Now, joining me as always is my partner in crime, a man with a vision we call the Eurovision. It’s Mr. Vebooboo Nadella! Vebooboo, welcome!

Vebooboo: Haaay Wiwi, how ya doin’?

Wiwi: Oh, I’m doin’ real, real good. How you doin’?

Vebooboo: Oh, I’m doin’ rul, rul good. That’s because I’m sitting next to you on a bed, here in a hotel in Amsterdam after last night’s Eurovision in Concert. That’s right. We were listening to a lot of acts in the stadium. Wait, can we re-do that?

Wiwi: No, we do not need to re-do that, but I need to clarify something. We are only on a bed together because we are recording the show. We are just friends.

Last night we listened to 23 acts at Eurovision in Concert, and we’re about to tell you who performed well live and who took a dive.

Vebooboo: Now, boo, you just said 23. I’m not the best researcher out there but I’m pretty sure there were 24 acts that were supposed to perform.

Gaitana wants you to be her guest in Baku

Wiwi: That’s right, Vebooboo. Ukraine’s Gaitana did not make it to the show. She RSVP’d for the party but she didn’t come.

Vebooboo: Can I just say that’s more than ironic. Because of all lyrics, her song is called “Be My Guest.” Well, she didn’t let us be her guest last night.

Wiwi: No she did not. Do you have any theories to explain why she didn’t make it?

Vebooboo:  Now, boo, I hired some illegal immigrants and refugees to do some research for us and they found out that Ukrainians do not need visas to come to the Netherlands, so she can not try to pretend that that’s why she was not here.

Wiwi: Well I did some research of my own, and I found out that in some countries when you have illegal massive breast implants, they do not let them through customs.

Vebooboo: Oooo you bad.

Wiwi: She probably got detained at Schipol Airport. They’re so large they probably set off the metal director.

Vebooboo: You nasty.

Before you listen to our entire show, you can pause it and re-cap the performances here:


Wiwi: First up is Greece. Eleftheria Eleftheriou sang “Aphrodisiac.” Boo, what did you think of her stage performance?

Vebooboo: Um, I mean, a couple of things. First of all she was all alone. She did not have any backup dancers with her, but she was still able to work it on stage.

The bigger problem is that the Eurovision Song Contest is precisely that, a song contest. If you don’t actually sing live, that’s kind of a problem.

Watch this clip of Eleftheria at Eurovision in Concert:

Wiwi: Yeah, she was definitely lip-synching last night. And also, the song is kind of meh. Five acts into the show I didn’t remember her. I was also underwhelmed by her dancing. She basically turns around and lifts her arms, turns around and lifts her arms. And yes, she’s doing that in high heels, but that’s not that impressive.

Vebooboo: No, you do not get Olympic medals for that, and you certainly don’t get Eurovision trophies either.

Wiwi: And even more disconcerting was earlier in the day when we attempted to interview her during the press day her handler was like, “Y’all need to come back later.” Well I think she was busy applying fake tan because she was looking rul, rul orange.


Vebooboo: Next up last night was Belgium’s Iris with “Would You?”

Wiwi: Okay, so the audience gave her polite applause. But whenever she asked “Would You?” I was thinking, “No, I would not.” I would not vote for you. I would not dance with you. I would not listen to this song if I was not here.

Vebooboo: Boo, I could not agree more. This was one of those periods where there were three minutes. But I felt they went real slow. Rul, Rul slow.

Wiwi: Absolutely forgettable. If I had known better I would have gone to the restroom during this act, but I had not yet finished my vodka cranberry so I did not have to go.


Wiwi: Third up was Latvia’s Anmary with “Beautiful Song.” Now, I know the Wiwi Jury was really harsh with this song early in the year—I gave it a 1.5 out of 10. But hearing it live, I must say she sings really well, she’s quite beautiful, she had a nice, simple black dress. And people actually liked her in part because she was singing live. There was some kind of jock man standing behind me who’s not a Eurovision fan, and even he was like, “That’s pretty good. It’s rather memorable.”

Vebooboo: Yeah, boo, I totally agree. This song has totally grown on me.

And I think it is true that because it’s a relatively basic song it’s actually going to stick in people’s minds and they will remember it. I just hope she works on the staging when she’s in Baku. Last night it was simple because she was all alone. I guess Latvia couldn’t afford to send the rest of the people. But in Baku I’m hoping they go with a bit more contemporary fashion and liven it up a little bit.

Wiwi: What really hurt the song at the national selection in my opinion was the fact that she had these ugly back-up dancers reading newspapers that said things like Eurovision News, Eurovision Times. It was just very amateur. But last night was classic, stellar. Good job Anmary.


Vebooboo: Next up last night was Austria’s Trackshittaz with “Woki mit deim Popo.”

Wiwi: Now this was a real crowd pleaser boo. They didn’t have their neon yellow sassy sex pants. But they gave a really good performance. The audience was going crazy. They did that OO OOO thing in time. It was just a really energetic and vibrant.

Vebooboo: I have to say they really grew on me yesterday. We had the chance to interview them—look out for that in the coming days on—ad they were actually really, really sweet. They were really, really supportive of the other acts. They said the Russian babushki are amazing, and they were just really good guys. I’m a big fan of them.

Wiwi: Definitely. That ghetto street edge is a bit of a front because they’re actually really clever and intelligent and educated ‘cause Lukas Plöchl —the kind of East Asian looking one with the Mohawk—basically said that the message of his song—and yes it does have a message—is that you need to shake your ass during the financial crisis in order to keep your soul. I think that’s deep.

Vebooboo: That’s real deep.


Vebooboo : And then  we had Finland perform with Pernilla Karlsson and her song “När jag blundar,” which means “When I close my eyes.” It’s appropriately named because a lot people were trying to close their eyes. All I know is that a lot of people were trying to speak over her until about a minute into her song. That ain’t a good sign boo. That ain’t a good sign.

Wiwi: Even worse was her garish green dress. It did not catch my attention. It looked like something from an 80s prom that you would regret ten years later and never wanna look at again. And I don’t even remember what the song was like, so I’m going to say this is gonna flop in Baku.


Wiwi: Portugal’s Filipa Souza took the stage next with her song “Vida Minha” which means “Life of Mine.” Now, boo, I was not into this song. There was this random back up singer standing next to her the whole time. And she doesn’t come in till the end. I thought she was on the stage to translate the lyrics into English. It just looked awkward  and I’m not sure that her vocals added that much in the end.

Vebooboo: Yeah, boo, all I know is, with her attire choice and the style of her song, I kinda feel like she took us back a century. The problem is that those of us at are bloggers, and we like to live in the present, so there was a bit of a mismatch.

Wiwi: And she asked the crowd to wave their hands. Like three people did, and then they stopped. That’s just downright embarrassing.


Vebooboo: Compact Disco sang next. They’re from Hungary, and they sang their song “Sound of Our Hearts.” They kind of dissed us in order to prioritize someone who was supposedly from CNN. We highly doubt that by the way. But we’re not the type to hold grudges, boo, and we listened to their song, and watched their performance, and here’s what we thought.

Wiwi: Now the lead singer is actually much more attractive than the photos portray in our contest for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. He’s really short, so that means he photographs a bit fat. But when you see him in person he doesn’t look fat. He just looks rul, rul cute. That said, his sartorial choices for the stage left me wanting. He wears this really long coat, but it was a rainy day, girl. He did not need a raincoat.

Vebooboo: I would have gladly loaned him the 1.50 to get his coat checked.

Wiwi: That said, their song is growing on me and they can actually sing live. After all, they have appeared on MTV Hungary.


Wiwi: Next up was Switzerland’s Sinplus with their song “Unbreakable.”  This was honestly one of the performances of the night. It was in my top two. I’m not gonna tell you who is my top pick until later. But this is definitely in my top two. They got the crowd going, it was a lively performance, and these guys really owned the stage. There are two of them, and they share the stage. One of them doesn’t dominate. The younger brother, when he does his thing, he does his thing. I’ve never seen so many people jumping up and down in unison in my life.

Vebooboo: Boo, when you talk about him doing his thing, I know a couple of things you are thinking about. But actually this group was amazing. They really do have stage presence. They remind me so much of A Friend in London last year from Denmark. I kinda actually think they’re better. My only worry for them is when we interviewed them yesterday they emphasized the fact that they really want to focus on the value of their music and how great the song is, blah blah blah. But I think they are forgetting that Eurovision is also a show. And so I hope they step it up a bit on the staging and don’t just stand their and sing. Because if you’re not in an intimate environment like we were last night, you’re not going to feel it from a TV screen.

Wiwi: Boo, I totally disagree. I think you would feel this deep in your soul if you were in Riga, Latvia watching the show be broadcast from Baku. You’re gonna feel this in London. You’re gonna feel this in Lithuania. It’s the bomb.

Vebooboo: Boo: I repeat: There are a lot of things you want to feel when you watch this, and I know what you’re talking about, and I’m talking about the music, and I don’t think you would feel it.

Wiwi: Boo: You’re acting like a turkey, which is appropriate. Because the next country we turn to is Turkey, and Cam Bonomo with his song “Love Me Back.”


Wiwi: Now, we were actually too shocked to focus on this song because a guy standing next to us confessed his undying love for Cam Bonomo. He’s an o.k. singer, but I would not be confessing my love for him. No I would not.

Vebooboo: Boo, I was rul rul distracted. I almost vomited. But besides that I listened to the song and I do actually think that this song is going to do really, really well at the competition. It’s one of those classic things, which reminds you of Turkey, blah, blah, blah, and lots of people love that kind of stuff and they’re gonna go for it.  In my own personal opinion is the song amazing? Absolutely not. But we did run into him at a convenience store after the concert and he was rul, rul nice to us. We were like, “Oh my god, you’re the guy from Turkey” and he was like, “Oh my god I am.” So good luck to him.

Wiwi: He was  rul rul sweet. The fact that he wasn’t going to a five-star hotel and eating a five-star dinner, but instead he was going to a quickie mart and getting some chocolate milk. That’s the bomb.  He’s acting like a recessionista in the recession. And one other point, boo. During his stage performance he actually  pulled out some moves that remind me of Loreen from Sweden. I don’t know if you noticed, but he was rolling around like he was in a straight jacket.  If you give him a wig, he might be winning Eurovision in 2012 in Baku.

Vebooboo: Boo, you crazy.

F.Y.R. Macedonia

Wiwi: That’s the truth. That’s the truth. Now boo, up next is the Former Yugoslav Repubic of Macedonia. That’s Kaliopi with her song “Black and White.”  We tried to interview her during the day, and she was rul rul nice and said, “Of course you can interview me.” But after five minutes of stumbling over her words, she said, “OMG. I’m exhausted. I can’t do this. Please don’t use this footage.”

Vebooboo: All I know is, we will use this footage because we are journalists  and we are allowed to do it. When we put our post up you will see in the video that she’s a really funny lady. But you’ll also see that she’s exhausted. It begs the question: is the Eurovision touring schedule too difficult for some of these people? I mean, when you’re living in a country that doesn’t really have an airport  that flies you all over the place you need a lot of effort to get to places, and you will hear her telling us that in her interview.

Wiwi: Boo: she did not ride a donkey to Amsterdam.

Vebooboo: Boo, she was talking about taking planes, trains and automobiles and boats.

Wiwi: That’s because this woman Kaliopi, who has already competed at Eurovision, was a mega-star during the Communists times in Yugoslavia. She knows how to travel! You know she’s over 40. Did you know that? She’s over 40.

Vebooboo: Boo, I saw that. I saw that.

Wiwi: She has the money. She was just exhausted. Think about it. This 40+ lady is competing against Jedward who are like 17? 20? 21? I don’t know, but they act real, real young. In any case, her performance last night was amazing. This lady can sing. I love the fact that she combines opera and classical music with rock, and I’m giving this 12 points.

Vebooboo: All I know is, if she can sing like that after zero hours of sleep,  I don’t even wanna understand how  she can sing after like five hours of sleep. It’s going to be amazing.


Vebooboo: The next singer was my favorite of the night. That’s right, people. Rona Nishliu from Albania singing her song “Suus,” which means “personal.” You can learn all about it in our video interview with Rona on  She is an amazing singer.  Absolutely amazing, and not only is she an amazing singer, but she’s got an amazing personality boo.

Wiwi: She was rul, rul nice in our interview. She was rul, rul smart. She gave us time, she’s not a primadonna. She’s educated, y’all. She went to university, she earned herself some degrees, and then she woke up one day and said, “Ima be a pop star y’all!”  And we’re hoping Eurovision turns her into just that because she deserves it. This woman hit the high notes like you would not believe and I was rul rul glad that the club we were in took out an insurance policy on the glass because it could have cracked last night.

Vebooboo: OK! She was amazing people. Watch out for her. I think she is a real dark horse in this competition.

Wiwi: She’s a dark horse, and I want to ride that dark horse!

Here’s Rona hitting the high notes at Eurovision in Concert. Apologies for the fans trying, and failing, to hit those notes with her.


Wiwi: Next up was Kurt Calleja from Malta with his song “This Is the Night.” It kinda was the night for Kurt. I know we rated this song poorly in the Wiwi Jury. But it really is catchy and makes people move. I saw a lot of people dancing and that’s important. You gotta remember: yes, it may be stuck in the 80s, but so is much of Eastern Europe, and that’s gonna appeal to them. In the end I think this is better than it was.

Vebooboo: I think Kurt is really sweet. He was actually the first person we were able to interview yesterday and he was really nice to us. He was very diplomatic. We asked who he thought his biggest competition would be in Baku. He refused to answer and just said that he focuses on himself  and he envisages himself holding the trophy at the end of things. I know that in sports and business they say visualizing can lead to that outcome. But I don’t think that’s going to happen in this case. He can wish all he wants, but that trophy is not going to be in his hands.


Wiwi: Next up was Slovenia. Boo, what’s her name? Who is the contestant from Slovenia?

Vebooboo: I don’t even know because she was not memorable. But one second, let me look. Oh there she is. Eva Boto with “Verjamen.”

Wiwi: That’s right. “Verjamen” means “I Believe.” Now, I hope she doesn’t believe she is going to win Eurovision because she is not. To her credit she has a great voice. It’s just that her song is kind of dull. While she was on stage I went and got myself a vodka orange juice.

Vebooboo: Boo, all I know is I think Slovenia and Finland are partnering up because they were wearing the same dress. I mean times are tough economically but we can afford two dresses people. We do not need one shower curtain covering two women.

Wiwi: And we don’t need them in a puke green color, but perhaps that is in vogue. We also interviewed her during the day, and she was quite sweet. She’s very excited, quite eager, but she really showed her age. This girl is young, and I’m not sure if she’s ready for the stress and pressure of Eurovision in Baku.

Vebooboo: We will find out.

San Marino

Vebooboo: Next up was our cyber sex loving girl from San Marino, Miss Valentina Monetta. With her song “The Social Network UH UH oh UH UH”…..

Vebooboo: We interviewed Valentina earlier yesterday. This girl is amazing. She cannot speak English worth didly squat, but she tried her best and she was really genuine. She was telling us how she spends all her time on Facebook.  She was also telling us that she has never left the country. This is slightly odd because San Marino is not a big place so if you have never left that country it means you really have not gotten out there.

But she was so adorable, and I have to say, I was really surprised to see how she shook her hips and moved her body on stage.

Wiwi: Absolutely. When I saw her bust a move I wanted to bust a move. She had a computer on the stage, and it wasn’t an Apple. They used some kind of fake dog logo on it which I thought was really silly. She had back-up dancers dancing around this computer and she was shaking her thing.

Vebooboo: She was boo. She must have been so nervous about the EBU’s intervention on lyrics that she didn’t wan to get in trouble by using a real Apple logo. So I understand why she used the random ass dog.

Wiwi: You know, the reason she has not left San Marino in her life is because they had to hire a lawyer to  cover all this infringement stuff. That stuff is expensive! But we send our best to Valentina and we really hope she makes the final.

Vebooboo: I really hope so.

Wiwi: You know, San Marino has never made the final but I feel like everyone has Facebook  and people might vote for the song simply because it’s about the Internet.

Vebooboo: Right!


Wiwi: Next up was Pasha Parfeny with his song “Lautar.” We interviewed him earlier in the day and he is rul, rul cute. He may not photograph well, but in person his face really shines through with a boyish charm. Unfortunately he has a belly, but that belly helped him belt it out when he’s on stage. Dude performed live, and this song’s gypsy-ethno beat really got people moving.

Vebooboo: It really did, boo. But for all of you guys out there who are hoping to get down on it with him, back off because this man made it clear in our interview that he wants a woman. He is singing this song to try to get a girl, and he’s tryin’ rul rul hard.

Wiwi: Boo, you look rul rul good in lipstick is all I know, so you may want to reconsider what you just said.


Wiwi: Next up was Bulgaria. That’s Sofi Marinova with “Love Unlimited.” Now what amused me the most about Sofi Marinova from Bulgaria is that she was wearing the same skanky dress that she wears in her official music video for “Love Unlimited.” I just hope she got that thing washed because you know she must have been sweating when she was making that video because she bounces a lot.

Vebooboo: She does, boo. But you know what else? She kind of missed the press part of the day because we were looking for her but we could not find her. But I have to say I love the lyrics in this song. People: look at the lyrics on our web site. It’s all about love beyond boundaries borders and skin color and it’s a really good message. That’s what Eurovision is all about. She has a decent voice. But this disco type of song just generally does not do well at Eurovision.

Wiwi: My love for this song stops at the Bulgarian border, and I will not be giving it any points.


Wiwi: Donny Montell was next singing “Love is Blind.”

Vebooboo: Love is blind, but we are also deaf after listening to this song. This man or should I say boy because he is real, real young. Before we get into the song, let me say that we had the chance to interview him. And he was quite the attention-getter in the press conference. There were a lot of guys that were attacking this poor little boy, but he was going along with it. Can I just say he might be down with the brown.

Wiwi: Y’all, what Vebooboo is trying to say is that Vebooboo is half-Indian and looks a little brown and he’s hoping Donny Montell wants to get down on the brown.

Vebooboo: All I know is boo, when we asked him if he was single, he said that for us he was. If that doesn’t say something then I don’t know what does.

Wiwi: In any case, to turn back to his song because this is Song Contest Radio! His song is quite schizophrenic. It starts out very slow and then suddenly we’re in 1985.

Vebooboo: I mean, I do love the way he suddenly switches it and he switches it by doing a cartwheel. It’s just so random, and that’s what Eurovision is about. So more power to him. I was wondering why he didn’t bring the blindfold with him last night. I think it’s because he wanted to look in the crowd at me.

Wiwi: Boo, he was not looking for you. This child was doing cartwheels and he was having a lollipop back stage. He did not want to have anything to do with you.


Wiwi: Next up was Anggun from France with her song “Echo (You and I).” Now before we talk about her performance, I just need to say that I love this woman. We did a video interview with her which you can watch on and she was incredibly warm, and incredibly friendly. There were dozens of people in line trying to talk to her, but she saw that I was half-Asian, I called her an Asian Sensation, and we made love on the camera. She is just really warm boo.

Vebooboo: Boo, you are a little bit delusional about her love for you, just like I’m delusional with Donny Montell, but I do need to echo – no pun intended – your sentiments that she is a really cool lady. She had to put up with an interviewer before us who was real, real annoying.

Now, again, this is a song contest so we do need to talk about the song. And this is where it fell a little bit flat people. Anggun is really famous, she’s very popular, and her name was mentioned by some of the people we interviewed yesterday when we asked who the big threats would be. Her voice, however, is not really a threat when it’s live. It was slightly weak boo and the crowd wasn’t really feeling her.

Wiwi: I felt awful for her. The crown actually booed. Most people were clapping—I was going to say crapping—but there were a few boos. I think what happened here is that Anggun spent all day talking. She was patient with all those journalists, so she actually lost her voice. If you listen to her on YouTube you can see that she can sing live, and way better than most of these people. And I really hope that when she gets on the stage in Baku with her five male back-up dancers that visually it’s going to be amazing just like in her video and land France in the Top 10.


Vebooboo: Next up was Azerbaijan’s Sabina Babayeva with “When the Music Dies.”

Wiwi: I was glad when the music ended. Sabina has an amazing voice. You cannot fault her voice. But this song just doesn’t speak to me. It’s a good song. It’s very jazzy, blues-y, 1920s. But you know, I live in 2012, so I’m not really into that. That said, I think people will respond to this. And she definitely deserves a spot in the Top 5. It kind of reminds me of Georgia’s act from 2010—“Shine” by Sofia Nizaharadze—great voice, but just an OK song.

Vebooboo: Boo, I’d love to say something but I can’t remember the song. I just remember her having a great voice and that was basically it. Oh, and she welcomed us all to Baku in the beginning and that got us all clapping.


Wiwi: Mandinga was singing “Zaleilah” and it was just the bomb y’all. Because they have six people on stage they really work the stage. It opens with them in drum outfits with the drums beating, and they do a little wave. It’s much like the official video. And then Elena Ionescu comes out like a courtesan from the desert trade shaking her thing, doing her thing, singing Mandinga, every day…It just wakes you up. Everyone was going crazy. And while the song doesn’t build when you’re just listening to it, it does build when you’re watching the stage performance. And Eurovision is about the performance.

Vebooboo: I do want to point out that there was lip-synching. Elena was one of the few people who did not sing live last night, and I’m wondering why that’s the case.

Wiwi: I know why she didn’t sing live: because her voice was tired! If you’ve been watching the Romanian news, you’d know she’s been promoting wiwibloggs quite a bit, and we love her for that.

First, the Romanian news channels began covering her because she’s currently winning our search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model. So Elena staged a special YouTube tribute to us in which she says she wants to thank you for voting for her, and she wants to give you an electronic hug.

And this gets even better people. Another news channel wanted to know why she is wining Eurovision’s Next Top Model, so they filmed her for 30 minutes inside the gym doing butt lifts. That’s ridiculous. I love it.

Vebooboo: I loved it too. Now this is a message for all the other contestants out there. What are you going to do to step it up and win Eurovision’s Next Top Model and Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model. Donny, I know you’re out there, and I know you’re listening to me. What are you going to do?

Wiwi: We need work out photos, people.


Wiwi: Next up was Pastora Soler from Spain.

Vebooboo:  And she sang “Quedate Conmigo” which means “Stay with Me” or “Remain with Me.”

Wiwi: Now, unfortunately, I did not remain with her. I went to the bathroom. I could still hear her singing. That’s because her vocals are rul, rul powerful.

Vebooboo: Her vocals are real, really powerful, and this song really does build. I was not a fan at the beginning. I was bitter that the Spanish didn’t pick the faster song they could have chosen for her to sing.  But having said that, this one is really popular. The crowd was really, really keen for her to hear this.

Wiwi: It’s just not a song I can access, and I’m going to leave it at that.


Wiwi: Now, did we save the best for last? Or are you about to vomit? Because Ireland’s Jedward closed the show with their song “Waterline.”

Vebooboo: That’s right boo. Oh, wait. That’s not right boo. The Netherlands closed the show.

Wiwi: Oh, shite. Rewind. Rewind. Next to last was Ireland’s Jedward with “Waterline.”

Vebooboo: I have to be honest. This is nowhere near as good as “Lipstick.”  They do the same dance moves. Their voices are still equally as bad. I’ve never been a huge fan of these two, but I admire their ability to work the PR machine, and they work it real, real well. They entered the press day really late  and entered with a bang, and had people running after them.

Wiwi: I’m going to disagree with you. I thought that their act was much more professional than everyone else’s. They had similar choreography from last year, yes, but it was very crisp and well done. The crowd went wild. If it’s working then keep doing your thing. If it’s not broken then don’t fix it.

The one thing that I thought was slightly obnoxious was that afterwards, rather than leaving the stage so the next act could come on, they made a big show and dance and threw their shoes into the crowd and it went on for a bit. But this song left me smiling and left other people dancing, so I hope they do well.


Vebooboo: And the final contestant was, of course, the host nation, the Netherlands.

Wiwi: That’s right. Joan Franka—she of the Indian headdress—was singing her song “You and Me.” It’s got a very Shania Twain, Garth Brooks , country twang thing going on. That’s in America, people, and this contest is in Europe.

Vebooboo’s BlackBerry rings.

Wiwi: Could you turn off your BlackBerry when I am trying to do my show? Lord have mercy. I’m going to kill somebody. Anyway, Joan Franka can sing rul, rul well. But I don’t think this song is going to speak to millions of voters across Europe.

Vebooboo: Yeah, I mean, boo, I don’t know. I think this one could be another dark horse because the quality and tone of her voice is really special. But it kind of goes in the same bucket as Finland. You’ve got someone with a nice voice and a special twang, but that’s about it.

Our Top Three

Wiwi: Now we’ve gone through all 23 acts, so Vebooboo and I are going to pick our top three favorites to do well in Baku based on the live performances we saw last night. Now you must remember that this excludes performers who did not come, so we are not factoring in Loreen from Sweden, the Russian babushki, etc.  I’ll start. I think my favorite act of the night  was definitely Romania because an act isn’t just a song, it’s also the stage performance. This really had everything. It had the musical elements, the visual elements, the cleavage, the booty. The fact that she goes up to the black drummer on stage when she says “my sweet chocolate boy” shows that a lot of thought went into this, so Mandinga gets my voice for first place.

Vebooboo: Boo, a lot of thought went into it, but not a lot of voice because she wasn’t singing live. Therefore on principle my #1 choice cannot be a song that was lip-synched. Therefore my number one choice was a singer who was absolutely amazing. Rona Nishliu from Albania. She was singing “Suus.” She was giving a lot of personal stories. And she was singing it with her heart. That woman can sing. She deserves to win this competition. And she is my #1.

Wiwi: “My #1” is actually by Helena Paparizou from Greece, so you need to step off. Now turning to position #2, I’m gong to give this to double trouble fro Switzerland. That’s right. Brothers Ivan and Gabriel Broggini. They looked real, real cute, they were real, real nice during our interview, and their song made everyone get up and dance. I loved the flash lighting, the hip shaking and the rocking. Earlier you said they didn’t have a stage act, but I think they do have a stage act. They are getting 10 points from me. Love you Sinplus.

Vebooboo: Boo, I’m not hating on them. We are twins because they are my #2 too. They were rul, rul good, rul rul cute, and they did have stage presence. My only worry is that on a bigger stage like at Eurovision they always pan away, so you need to have something that is visually attractive. The boys themselves are attractive—do not get me wrong, people—but that is not enough. I just hope they step up to the plate and do something little bit special. Get some big ball out there and kick it around the stadium, do whatever you need to do people. But get it there.

Wiwi: The winner of my third place vote  may surprise you, especially because we’ve been hating on her on our blog for several weeks, but I’m going to log in to San Marino and send a friend request to Miss Valentina Monetta. Her stage performance was hilarious. It was her and two dancer and they were all wearing blue outfits in reference to Facebook. She described herself in our interview as a hip hop artist . Now I don’t know many white, blond hip hop artists, but the fact she is trying makes me cackle. I love this girl. I love the fact she can’t really dance, and I’m giving her my 8 points. Huit points from Wiwi. Love you Valentina!

Vebooboo: You know what, boo? She and Romania definitely round out my Top 5. But I give my third place to the most improved player of the year. That’s Anmary from Latvia with “Beautiful Song.” I mean, that song is not beautiful but it’s real catchy and people were feeling it. We have been hating on her so much I feel like it’s time we give her a little present. It’s Christmas girl, you betta accept this. It’s third place. Be happy.

Wiwi: Well, that’s all the time we have for this special episode of the Wiwi Show live from Amsterdam’s Eurovision in Concert. But we’ll be back rul, rul soon with even more news, gossip and scandal. So bring the water, ‘cause we’re going to wear you out again.

Vebooboo: That’s right. Stay tuned because next time you’ll find  out who the finalists are for Eurovision’s Next Top Model and Next Top Male Model. That’s right, Donny Montell. I know you are listening.

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8 years ago

Hi. I live in London. I do not follow Eurovision. However, after listening to Spain, I can say that I really DO NOT LIKE THAT SONG. It’s boring. The woman singing is beautiful and she has a good voice. It’s just a shame they chose THAT SONG. Sorry. That’s the truth.

8 years ago

@tania: you don’t make any sense. this isn’t an issue of “fairness.” it’s an issue of having an OPINION, which, if i recall, is the whole point of a blog. also, you say you love albania. they say they love albania above. you say spain has a powerful voice. they say, above, that spain has “very powerful vocals” but that they don’t like the song. they also agree with you about switzerland and FYR macedonia…so the only difference is spain and romania.

8 years ago

How fair are u guys??How can someone follow the blog with all this??
How can a singer do a stage appearance like at eurovision when she/he is alone on stage and Romania only because it was 5-6 people everything was perfect and she didnt even sing live…SHAME U GUYS ARENT FAIR!
I only agree with Albania -Spain powerful voices and alone onstage…Kalliopi was good also and as a group Swiss was all the money…!

8 years ago


8 years ago

@ Mimi you don’t know good singers with bad voice ? I will present you Auto-tune

8 years ago

@mimi: it’s funny you call wiwi biased for not liking portugal. but then reveal that you are from portugal. that is biased too!!!

8 years ago

“rul rul” is the American vernacular in the South for “really, really.” It’s increasingly common in hip hop and other urban music.

8 years ago

WTH is all this “Rul Rul” [email protected]*t ?!!!

Latin Lover
Latin Lover
8 years ago

@julian HAHAHAHA. Cheesecake is nasty.

8 years ago

julian,,I do not know good singers with bad voices:)

8 years ago

Is it necessary to have an amazing voice to participate at eurovision ? It’s so sweet for Nikki from last year. I think eurovision and restaurant is the same, we eat with the eyes and sorry but Sofi Marinova is a big inedible blue cheese pie

Latin Lover
Latin Lover
8 years ago

Um, Romania’s song is GREAT. And the staging is AWESOME. I am glad these reviews confirm my feelings.

Jessica in London
Jessica in London
8 years ago

I was also at Eurovision in Concert and Wiwi is right: the song from Portugal was a little BORING. Yes she can sing — no one doubts that. But at Eurovision you need to have a good song, too. Also, Vebooboo said he loved Sofi’s song. But again: disco songs don’t do well at Eurovision.

8 years ago

@mimi Total garbage tle live performences ? Or the opinions ?
If it’s the opinions, it’s probabely not yours and that’s why opinions exist otherwise ebu can change the name to scatterbrained song contest