Today’s Eurovision in Concert interview is with Donny Montell—one of the biggest charmers at Eurovision 2012. Wiwi and Vebooboo loved his smile, his style and his open mind. This 24-year old heartthrob demonstrated poise during our interview in Amsterdam and coped with every suggestive question we threw at him. Among other things, he told us that the message of his song “Love Is Blind” applies equally to men and women; that he’ll try to keep his choreography and staging from the Lithuanian national final; and that the Russian babushki are a real threat to win in Baku. Our favorite part is when Wiwi interjects from behind the camera at 3:30, shouting, “DONNY! ARE YOU SINGLE?” But Donny knows not to hurt the feelings of an admirer, and he serves up a witty response.


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8 years ago

So this is the guy Vebooboo is fond of? Or both Wiwi & Vebooboo? 🙂
I did not quite get what’s the song about, nevertheless he’s a fun guy. I’m going to vote now for the Iceland’s guy though for next top model.