In the high-flying world of international fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out. The same holds true in Wiwi’s annual search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model. The time has come for us to kick four more ladies out of the House of Wiwi. These women are pretty, but the voting process is not. Prepare yourself ladies. The second elimination of Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2012 begins now.

We launched the semi-finals of our search on April 1, 2012. Since then Wiwi’s readers have cast a total of 4,688 votes. Twenty-five women entered the contest, but we only have space for 15 in the finals. As such, we eliminated two women last week, and will eliminate four women this evening and four more in the coming days. Can someone pass Wiwi his axe, please?

Romania's Elena Ionescu: In vogue, and on top

The contestant finishing in first place this week obviously has the looks. But she’s demonstrated that she also has the heart—and the p.r. savvy. After placing first during the first week of competition, she released a special YouTube tribute to all y’all who voted for her. National media in her home country then filmed her doing butt lifts in the gym, all in the hope of answering how she stays so hot—and why she’s on top. She’s earned an impressive 34% of all votes, and she’s also won the hearts of WiwiBloggs.Com’s staff. She proves that Romania can be radiant, and she has all of Europe singing “Zaleilah.” She is Elena Ionescu!

Congratulations Elena. You’re still in the running to be Eurovision’s Next Top Model.

There’s been a shake up in second place. That’s because a certain young lady tallied another 100 votes this week to move up from third position. She performed at Eurovision in Concert, and clearly her simple choreography went down well with the fans. They’ve seen her shake it in a tiny dress, and now they want to see her sashay down the runway. She’s a beauty, and she’s still in the race. She is Greece’s Eleftheria Eleftheriou.

Congratulations Eleftheria. You’re still in the running to be Eurovision’s Next Top Model.

The woman finishing in third place this week could easily win the contest for Eurovision’s Next Top Eyes. Hers are absolutely beautiful! When Wiwi looks into them, he sees into her soul. And that soul is as soulful as her Eurovision entry “When the Music Dies.” Give it up for the Babe from Baku, Miss Sabina Babayeva!

Look into my eyes: Azerbaijan's Sabina Babayeva

Congratulations Sabina. You’re still in the running to be Eurovision’s Next Top Model.

Look up, Eleftheria! You're in second place.

Our fourth place finisher this week has climbed up two spots since last week, in part because of her warmth and versatility. As you can see in our video interview from Eurovision in Concert, she is incredibly grounded despite being stunningly beautiful. She represents a different flavor of beauty, and peppers Eurovision’s Next Top Model with the spice of the Orient. We love the aroma! Give it up for the most beautiful Eurovision contestant of East Asian descent, the fabulous Frenchie Anggun Cipta!

Félicitations Anggun. Vous êtes toujours en course pour être l’Eurovision Next Top Model.

The women rounding out the Top 10 this week come from all corners of Europe—and from vastly different backgrounds. We’ve got youth, we’ve got grannies. We’ve got immigrants, and we’ve got homegrown beauties. Across all of them we have a whole lot of face! The following women have poise, and they still have a shot at winning Eurovision’s Next Top Model. They are: Cyprus’ Ivi Adamou, Sweden’s Loreen, Italy’s Nina Zilli, Russia’s Buranovskiye Babushki—yes, all six of them, Spain’s Pastora Soler, and Ukraine’s Gaitana.

Congratulations. Now please get off my runway.

Ladies. The rest of you standing before me have finished in 11th through 23rd place. The next five names I’m going to call represent the five remaining women who would advance to the finals of Eurovision’s Next Top Model if we decided to end the semi-finals right now. We’re not going to do that. But be warned: you are near the bottom, and you don’t have much time to convince Europe that you deserve a spot in the final. The next five women advancing to the finals are Latvia’s Anmary, Croatia’s Nina Badric, Slovenia’s Eva Boto, F.Y.R. Macedonia’s Kaliopi, and Denmark’s Soluna Samay.

Congratulations, ladies. You’re still in the running to be Eurovision’s Next Top Model. For now.

Anggun: Stunning and seductive

Would Greta, Rona, Iris, Maya, Joan, Pernilla, Valentina and Filipa please step forward. Eight mostly beautiful women stand before me. But Wiwi only has four photos in his hands. And these photos represent the four of you who are still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Model. I will only call four names. The women whose names I do not call must immediately return to the House of Wiwi, grab your tampons, and go home. DO NOT TAKE MY TOWELS! If you do, I will make sure that the LED screens shut off during your performance in Baku.

None of you have managed to earn more than 100 votes, and I know each of you has more than 100 friends on Facebook and more than 100 followers on Twitter. If you want to be Eurovision’s Next Top Model, you have to make an effort like Romania’s Elena Ionescu. If you wanna be on top, you have to climb thousands of mountains to get there. Greta: You come from Iceland and unfortunately your photos have left some of our readers frosty. Can a chilly diva warm it up when the cameras call? Rona: Your portfolio is so edgy and alternative, and I love how you work the dreadlocks. But to be a top model you have to show versatility. Can Miss Alternative bend and stretch to become Miss Mainstream?

Iris: You have a wholesome, girl-next-door look. You’re commercial enough to go down well in Flanders or France. But to do the couture shows in Paris you need to show that you can be naughty and nice. Maya: Your photos are just so dark and dreary. It’s one thing to look sad. It’s another thing to channel sadness constantly. You can work a frown. But I’m still not sure you can work a smile. Joan: You are so daring. When I saw you rocking Native American clothing I thought, “She’s timeless! Her style transcends borders!” But then I saw you at Eurovision in Concert with a single feather in your hair and I had to ask myself, “Has she lost her daring?” Pernilla: One word, honey. Confidence. Own the runway. Don’t let it own you.

Valentina: You’re a really interesting one. On the one hand, you embody innocence and insouciance in the official video for your song “The Social Network.” On the other hand, your raw sexuality and the way you work your mouth in the video suggests something far more mature. I like a complex character, but I’m not yet sure you have a strong enough brand identity. Who is Valentina Monetta? Can you show us? Filipa: You’re singing a traditional Portuguese fado at Eurovision, and you’ve proven you can hit the high notes. But the passion present in your singing fizzles when it’s time to take a photograph. How can someone with such a strong voice transform into a wallflower in photos? You know how to scream. Your pictures need to do that, too.

Ladies, this is a very difficult decision. But the first two women who must leave the House of Wiwi are….

Valentina and Filipa. I’m sorry ladies. I had to go with the voters. I love you both, and wish you the best in our many other polls. I look forward to seeing you both in Baku. Again, please do not take my towels or I will have to confiscate your passport.

Two more women must follow them. Sigh. I really, really hate doing this. Not because I’m emotionally bound to you, but because someone is going to have to clean up your rooms when you leave and I know Sabina ain’t gonna do it. Anyway, the next two women leaving us this week are….

Joan and Pernilla. Please deposit your sheets at reception, and do not touch the liquor cabinet on your way out.

Complete Results

Contestant Votes %
1. Romania: Elena Ionescu 1,595 34.17%
2. Greece: Eleftheria Eleftheriou 461 9.88%
3. Azerbaijan: Sabina Babayeva 418 8.95%
4. France: Anggun 359 7.69%
5. Cyprus: Ivi Adamou 336 7.20%
6. Sweden: Loreen 240 5.14%
7. Italy: Nina Zilli 122 2.61%
8. Russia: Buranovskiye Babushki 102 2.19%
9. Spain: Pastora Soler 97 2.08%
10. Ukraine: Gaitana 96 2.06%
11. Latvia: Anmary 82 1.76%
12. Croatia: Nina Badric 81 1.74%
13. Slovenia: Eva Boto 74 1.59%
14. FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi 68 1.46%
15. Denmark: Soluna Samay 67 1.44%
16. Iceland: Greta Salome 65 1.39%
17. Albania: Rona Nishliu 63 1.35%
17. Belgium: Iris 63 1.35%
19. Bosnia: Maya Sar 62 1.33%
20. Netherlands: Joan Franka 58 1.24%
21. Finland: Pernilla 49 1.05%
22. San Marino: Valentina Monetta 38 0.81%
23. Portugal: Filipa Sousa 32 0.69%

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I’m sad for Valentina 🙁 I love her dance moves. BRING HER BACK WIWI


1. Elena Ionescu
2. Nina Zilli
3. Anggun