Come fly with me: Valentina gets ready for Oktoberfest

The team at WiwiBloggs.Com are in love with San Marino’s Valentina Monetta. Deban recently spoke with the bubbly blonde at the 2012 London Eurovision Party, and her big heart and endless giggles won us over. In the video that follows, she discusses her song “The Social Network,” tells us how much she loves jazz, and explains that the “oh oh uh oh oh” of her song give it a universal appeal. We’ll be uploading a second bonus video with Valentina from Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for even more Valentina!


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12 years ago

Oh, Deban. Raphael Gualazzi? Last year’s runner up? Not that forgettable, surely.
Kidding. It must’ve been quite difficult to keep things rolling between distractions, Valentina’s English, and finding the right thing to say.