Engelbert Humperdinck, Britain’s 76-year old Eurovision contestant, is proving you’re never too old for a bit of rock ‘n roll. The “Love Will Set You Free” singer recently posed for the Times of London’s Saturday Magazine as Elvis, Alice Cooper, Sid Vicious and Liam Gallagher.

“It was a really fun shoot and a first for me,” the Hump said in a statement sent to WiwiBloggs.Com. “I like dressing up but this shoot took it to the next level. All four of these music icons are known for delivering amazing performances. I am no stranger to performing to an audience of millions, but if I can channel some of their stage presence in Baku, I’m definitely in with a shot at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.  And let’s not forget it was yours truly, not Elvis, who first performed in a leather jumpsuit and sideburns. I want my fans in Europe to Think Dinck and give me their vote!”

You can check out the magazine covers below. If you like them, perhaps you should consider voting for Engelbert in the finals of our search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model.

Photo credit: Mark Harrison – The Times

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dorothy Whalen
dorothy Whalen
10 years ago

You are having your fun, and Engelbert is a good sport ~ the article is a fun thing ~ but in truth, Engelbert could out sing any one of these guys competing in this go round, , and as for stage knowledge, he could teach all a thing or two. Wonder how many will be around 45 years from now….will they still be touring to SRO crowds…I doubt that……..so try to be fair and honest, and count every vote that is cast for Engelbert, not every 3rd or 4th one, as seems to be the trouble…….