Wiwi: At several points during Iris’ first rehearsal, I thought she was going to eat the microphone. But that’s about as ferocious as this sweet 17-year old gets. Belgium is hoping that youth will get it back into the final this year. And the crew from Eurovision.tv played on that when producing their video of her first rehearsal below. But I’m not convinced that the rather uneventful song “Would You?” will have any chance of advancing. To Belgium’s credit, I do like the LED forests in the background. As with Iceland earlier in the day, Belgium has created one of the more tasteful LED backdrops.

Deban: Total Snoozefest! Boring song, good vocals but dull overall. This is the song that slides in before the change of gear. It elevates Switzerland in retrospect, and provides a good build up for Israel two entries later. Iris can sing, but she doesn’t have good material to work with. I’d be surprised if this song makes the final.

Vebooboo:  I’m not usually known for my compassion, but I do generally try to be nice to the youngest contestants. Having watched this first rehearsal, however, I can’t even pretend to write anything positive. Iris gets dramatic because she wants something to be kept as a surprise for the real show. Um, let’s just say I’m not holding my breath to find out what it is. The most exciting thing about the performance is the slightly changing colour scheme, and just like the performance itself, it is spotty. This officially goes down as one of the worst acts of the year. Needs to go!